Lowther Lace - fluff that won't get your goat

Posted: June 04, 2020

Lowther Lace - fluff that won't get your goat

By now you will hopefully have seen our latest fluffy yarn addition to the ECY stable (or should I say.. garden) - Lowther Lace. We had seen this yarn around for a while but had been resisting as we already had a fluffy yarn, Eldwick Lace. However, with quite a few people feeling sad because they can’t use mohair, I decided it was time to offer something fluffy that isn’t mohair (note that this does also shed fibres though!). Hence the fluffy baby alpaca/silk yarn came along. I did a YouTube video about it which you can watch HERE if...

"If you like it then you oughta knit a cat on it!"

Posted: April 08, 2020

Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan of 'an caitin beag' (she of sinister cat fame!) is a book of 16 knit designs all featuring Marna's signature kitties on a mixture of garments and accessories. It's a wide-ranging book actually - it feels like there's more than 16 items in there. Each chapter covers a different yarn weight, so there's a 4ply section, and DK section, an Aran section, and a Chunky section. Each section has a garment AND matching accessories included, and they range from nice simple textures, to stranded colourwork (like sinister cats), to intarsia. Intarsia! I swear that this...

The Drift Collection... four years on! We revisit an ECY classic.

Posted: September 20, 2019

The Drift Collection... four years on! We revisit an ECY classic.

Today marks four years since the release of our Drift Collection! Can you believe it?! I know some of you will have been involved in test-knitting for it and will know how big a deal it was for us. I (Victoria) still worked alone at that point, and producing a quite large collection from loads of different designers, whilst still running the business, was a huge challenge. I did most of the photography myself (I couldn't afford to do anything else!), but did have a paid tech editor, and proof reader, of course. Meanwhile I was also still dyeing yarn,...

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