A new ECY yarn club: The Potting Shed
What is it?
The Potting Shed is Eden Cottage Yarns' hand dyed yarn club, providing a surprise exclusive skein of yarn to you each month. As you might expect, the theme is garden/nature-inspired, with a range of semi-solid, dappled, and variegated shades included on various ECY yarn bases.
What will be included?
Inside each month's specially wrapped package will be a skein of beautiful yarn, a luxury skincare product (e.g. soap, hand cream, body lotion etc) from The Cosy Cottage Soap Co., and a postcard with the yarnspiration in photography form and more info about it on the back. We had loads of ideas for lovely things we could include, but in the end decided to keep it simple but beautiful.
When will I get it?
We'll be posting out club parcels around the 15th of each month, so international ones will arrive later than UK ones. Obviously we will always be at the mercy of the postal services around the world. On the back of this we ask that you please do not post photos of your yarn on the Internet until the end of each month, in order that people who haven't got theirs yet will not have the surprise ruined. (Thankyou in advance!)
How can I get it?
Sign ups will open on the 1st day of the month BEFORE the first subscription month. (i.e. for subscriptions starting in October, sign ups open 1st September). There will be four chances per year to sign up, September, December, March and June. Simply add your club option to your cart and checkout as usual. We are offering three- and six-month subscriptions which you pay for upfront. As this is non-refundable please carefully consider the length of subscription you wish to purchase. There are a limited number of slots available and so sign ups will stay open until the last day of the month or until all the slots are filled. 
How much is it?
You can choose a three- or six- month subscription; prices will be on the listing when it goes live. We only take payments in GBP, however a quick google can provide you with an up-to-date currency conversion should you need it, and we take a wide range of payment types.
I'm not sure I want to commit!
No problem - we have a thing called Secret Skeins which is a batch of secret yarn included in one update per month; there are a limited number available so you may have to be quick to get one, however it means you can have the surprise yarn element of a club without the commitment of signing up to it. They appear HERE when they're available. 


  • Thank you all for my wonderful parcels each month. I look forward to them so much. Life has been challenging and intense in the past few months but the beautiful Potting Shed yarns have been lights in difficult days. I will be signing up for another 6 months. Your yarns are just gorgeous; Hayton 4ply has made 2 very special shawls in the last year. Thank you very much. Warmest wishes, Lou x

    Lou Hodgson on

  • Wanted to register for the yarn club but something was wrong with the link

    Carole Tutko on

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