Tiny Shoots is a light tee designed by Knit Now editor Kate Heppell back in 2013 - it was originally published in Simply Homemade as I don't think Kate was working for Knit Now at that point! It's now available.. in print from us (although I'd like to update the pattern pics in it now!), and digitally from LoveCrafts HERE

It originally used my Bowland 4ply, which was previously and rather uninspiringly called BFL Sock. I changed it years ago as I decided I didn't want to recommend it as a sock yarn, as although I know a lot of people use it for that, I don't. And I had Bowland DK, so it made sense to name it Bowland 4ply. It's 100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester which is perennially-popular and beautiful British wool. 

Fast forward to August 2021, and we still have this beautiful yarn. It's been unavailable for a while (thanks to Covid and Brexit) so has been out of stock, and I decided let's do a huge update of it to celebrate it being back. As I type, I haven't photographed it yet because I've had foot surgery and am not mobile enough, but what it does mean is that I've had time to whip up a fresh new sample in it.. in a new colour as well (Waterfall)!

Skeins of turquoise hand dyed yarn

Now.. Tiny Shoots is made in pieces and is largely stocking stitch so it's ideal for me to do mostly on the knitting machine (having RSI's exacerbated by handknitting means that the knitting machine is quite a big help these days). I cast on and worked the lace section by hand, which was an absolute pleasure, then I hooked it up to the machine and did all of the rest of it on there. I did this before my surgery and left it so that I'd have the pieces and finishing to do afterwards, which would be a nice quick win. 

I used 4mm needles as recommended in the pattern, as my tension matched and I knew I could match it on the knitting machine too. 

The main challenge for me with this pattern was doing set in sleeves. A phrase that slightly struck horror in me as it's not something I often do. However being very familiar with mattress stitch I decided that now was the time to treat it as learning a brand new skill and give it a really good go. 


I used this Amy Herzog tutorial: https://amyherzogdesigns.com/tutorials/tutorial-sleeve-cap/

She directs you to a video which I found incredibly useful, but it is sadly no longer available, however I'm sure there'll be loads more video tutorials on YouTube if you need one. 

I used LOADS of clip stitch markers to provisionally attach the sleeves in place before sewing. That was a great help too. I think I did a fairly good job of it in the end. There's a little bit of puckering on one side but hopefully it isn't noticeable when I'm wearing it. Also.. check out how different the colour looks in different lights! 😬



I've also gone for a fairly oversized tee as I wanted it to be boxy (as always!) but you can make this fitted too. The fabric being a loose tension is quite fluid and will stretch or drape as you wish. 


  • Pattern: Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell, available off-Rav here: https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-gb/p/tiny-shoots-knitting-pattern-by-kate-heppell
  • Edits: None, other than machine knitting the stocking stitch body and sleeves.
  • Knitting needle size: 4mm
  • Machine stitch size: 10 (with a medium tension - this yarn is fairly slippy through the tension knob).
  • Finished measurements: 45 inches circumference at the bust and 16 inches drop from the underarm (note that due to the open tension/gauge the fabric can be adjusted quite a bit when you block it - I stretched mine widthways in particular).
  • Total yarn used: 211g - so 3 x 100g skeins, with leftovers. 
Final thoughts: I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with this. I'm pleased with my set in sleeves and would definitely do them again with more confidence. Not to mention that the Bowland 4ply has *of course* knitted up absolutely beautifully! 😍



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