Many of you will have seen snapshots of this on social media already, so here's a proper introduction to one of our new yarns. After lots of deliberation we decided to name it Malham DK - we like to use local-ish place names, and we love Malham, but I think the name sounds quite rustic, which this yarn is. Once it's in stock, it'll be HERE on the website - it'll be available in the next update, which is on Sunday the 31st of January at 12 noon UK time. 

It's 100% British wool, comprising of cream coloured Bluefaced Leciester and naturally oatmeal Masham (pronounced "mass-em"). This results in an undyed yarn which is a gorgeous heathery oatmeal - hence I have a dyelot of Natural, which I have simply rinsed and dried, without dyeing.

The yarn takes dye well, although you shouldn't expect to see many darker toned colourways from me on this base, as I think it lends itself best to light-to-medium tones, that let the subtle oatmeal heather come through a bit.

I'm knitting up a proper sample in this yarn, which I will show you before the update goes live, and it's proving to be really nice. It's quite woolly, but still has a good shine to it and the stitch definition looks like it's going to be good - I'm knitting a slouchy lace hat so we'll be able to really see what it's like for stitches and drape.

As I'm knitting, it feels quite fine - thinner than DK really, but in the skein it really bloomed once I'd dyed, rinsed, and dried it. So I am sure that once it's knitting and blocked it will bloom again.

For now, we just have the four dyelots above, but there will be more in the future and I'm excited  about that. Want to know more about the Masham sheep? Sadly I don't have my own sheepy pics to share with you (though I will be looking for sheep to photograph this year) but HERE is a good place to read about them and see how lovely and woolly they are. Masham is also a place in Yorkshire - well, it's where the sheep originate from, unsurprisingly. There's a Sheep Fair there every September but frustratingly for us, it's the same weekend as Yarndale.


  • ECY - Admin

    Hi Mo, comments don’t appear immediately after you leave them. I will be dyeing more of the Malham DK in the future, yes. Each dyelot is only five or ten skeins, so they can sell out very quickly.

    Victoria on

  • Made a comment but it doesn’t appear. I noted that 2 colors list 1 item in stock and one color is not in stock. Will you re-stock?

    Mo on

  • Looks great! But two of the colors only list 1 (one) item in stock and one color is not in stock. Will you add to the stock/re-stock?

    Mo on

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