Keswick DK in Stonechat (Dyelot 251121)

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Keswick DK in Stonechat (Dyelot 251121)

Hand dyed DK weight merino tweed yarn in colourway Stonechat - this light and subtle russet shade is similar to the underside of a Stonechat, which we can hear in our garden.

Keswick DK is a base of soft superwash merino with neps blended in for a unique texture and colour effect. The neps appear throughout the skein as little pops of black, brown and cream. They are made of polyamide which doesn't take the dye, meaning every skein will have these multi-toned flecks. In lighter yarns the darkers neps are more prominent and in darker colours the lighter neps are more visible. They don't particularly interfere with the knitting or crochet experience, and with being so soft they blend in to the yarn, so you can't really feel them.
The base yarn is smooth and firm, so at a tighter tension you get a pretty solid fabric, but at a more loose tension it creates a fabric with stretch and drape to it.

Although the merino in this yarn is superwash I would recommend handwashing finished items if possible.

85% Superwash Merino, 15% Donegal Nep
3.5 - 5.5mm (US 4 - 9)
4 - 5.5mm hook
12 WPI
Handwash only and lay flat to dry

We recommend that you wash dark colours separately or wash a swatch before using dark and light colours together.

As with all hand dyed yarns, I would recommend that you use two skeins at a time, alternating from each one every couple of rows/rounds (unless it's a one-skein project).