The Shawl Project Book 3 from The Crochet Project

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The Shawl Project Book 3 from The Crochet Project

The Shawl Project Book 3 from The Crochet Project, aka Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin. This book contains five gorgeous crocheted shawls, each using either a 100g pack of mini 4ply skeins or a pack of mini skeins with an additional 100g skein of yarn. You can view the individual pattern details HERE on Ravelry. Please be aware that these books do not come with a pdf download code.

At The Crochet Project we love a good shawl, and we know you do too so we are back with another collection.

We really weren’t expecting there to be a The Shawl Project: Book Three. Despite so many requests, we decided it wouldn’t be right unless we had a great new idea. Book One was all one skein shawls, Book Two all two skein shawls, Book Three would need to have a purpose too (and three skein shawls seemed a bit tenuous). We knew Book Three was on its way when we were at a wool festival and kept musing on the uses for all the lovely mini skein sets we kept seeing.

The patterns work well whether you want to invest in mini skein sets or if you want to use up small amounts of yarn left over from other projects that is just too nice not to use (sock knitters will identify with this problem in particular), with each pattern using either a 100g pack of 4ply mini skeins or a pack of mini skeins and an additional 100g of 4ply yarn.

In this book we share our love of shawls with five new designs and show you the secrets of shaping them.