ECY Canvas Tote Bag

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ECY Canvas Tote Bag

Cotton canvas shopper printed with our merino logo (a digitised version of my (Victoria's) original sketch) on one side, measuring 47cm wide by 35cm high with a 12cm base and featuring 63cm coloured sturdy webbing handles in your choice of black or pink.

For an idea of scale - the bag in the pictures contains 25 (!) x 100g skeins..!

This long handled shopper is ideal for use at yarn shows, as well as visits to your LYS and for transporting those larger WIPs. It fits nicely over the shoulder leaving both hands free for yarn squishing and rifling through patterns on Ravelry and you can easily fit more than a sweater quantity of yarn with room to spare! When not in use the bag will fold down nicely taking up very little room until it is required again. 

The cotton is natural in colour (ie not bleached white), with a subtle natural flecked effect. Please note that washing of the bag is not recommended as the unprocessed cotton is likely to shrink - if it needs cleaning please just spot-clean. 

Please also note that contents in the pictures are very much NOT included! ;)