Free yarn snippets to re-use as stuffing - 50g

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Free yarn snippets to re-use as stuffing - 50g

50g of odds and ends of yarn. This is ideal for stuffing toys, cushions or any other item. You can order multiples of 50g (approximately a couple of handfuls makes up 50g quantity). The images show a handful which is approx 20g; and the selection is random - we can't offer specific types or colours. You will have to guess how much you need (or just get a load when you buy yarn and keep it for when you need it?), but we have a basically endless supply so you should always be able to get more if you need it. 

We've always taken the bags of yarn snippets to the textile recycling bin at the tip, but since I use them as stuffing when I make toys I thought it would make sense to offer them out for free so that they can be re-used. 

Since this is a waste product it is free of charge, but if you order this on its own you will be charged for shipping and it will register as a small parcel so it's the same price as if you were buying yarn. We anticipate that it's something you might want to add as a free extra when you buy other stuff in order to not pay just to ship this.