Hand carved Bluefaced Leicester sheep

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Hand carved Bluefaced Leicester sheep

PRE-ORDER: Your sheep will be shipped following arrival into the UK. We are aiming for this to be early in December. Please be aware that we are relying on international shipping times, and whilst we've allowed a long time for this there is still always the chance that things could get delayed. If this happens we will keep in contact with you about your order and when it will ship.

These beautiful sheep are hand carved in Japan by Yuki,the talent behind Wood Works Crando. Each one is unique, and slightly different, and Yuki has a great eye for combining modern design with sheepy cuteness. The sheep aren't just ornamental either - they have little slits in their mouths so they can hold things like business cards. 

The scarf is not included but can easily be made using a single Yarnling.

Materials used are: rosewood, white dogwood, and Japanese bird cherry (which is native to Japan and China), with an oil finish on the legs and body, and beeswax finish on the head.

Measurements (approximate): 10cm nose to end; 6cm height; 5cm width.
Sheep come wrapped in tissue paper, a brown box, and then usual paper postage bag. They'll be marked as 'fragile' on the outer packaging.