Hand carved Swaledale sheep

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Hand carved Swaledale sheep

These beautiful sheep are hand carved in Japan by Yuki,the talent behind Wood Works Crando. Each one is unique, and slightly different, and Yuki has a great eye for combining modern design with sheepy cuteness. We love his work, and whilst stock is limited now we do plan to import more sheep, and a wider variety of breeds in the future (hopefully). The sheep aren't just ornamental either - they have little slits in their mouths so they can hold things like business cards.

Materials used are: rosewood, white dogwood, and Japanese bird cherry (which is native to Japan and China), with an oil finish on the legs and body, and beeswax finish on the head.

Measurements (approximate): 10cm nose to end; 7cm height; 5cm width.
Sheep come wrapped in bubble wrap, a brown box, and then usual packaging (recycled plastic envelope). They'll be marked as 'fragile' on the outer packaging.