Skimming Stones (by The Crochet Project) MCAL Yarn Pack 9

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Skimming Stones (by The Crochet Project) MCAL Yarn Pack 9

Pack of complementary 4ply yarns to be used for the Skimming Stones shawl from The Crochet Project (or any other suitable five-colour pattern). For more information about the pattern click HERE to view the Ravelry page.

Yarn packs include three 4ply yarns carefully chosen to harmonise together. This pack contains four 50g balls of Milburn 4ply in five colours, two balls of the main colour and one ball each of four contrast colours.

MC:  Charcoal
CC1: Moss
CC2: Fern
CC3: Thyme
CC4: Wicker

*This pack will give you plenty of leftover yarn in the CCs for use on other projects*

Washing: hand wash and pin out flat to dry. This yarn is technically machine washable but we really wouldn't recommend it.

All yarn packs come with the added bonus of a discounted price compared with purchasing the skeins/balls individually.


  • What is an MCAL?
    • MCAL stands for Mystery Crochet-A-Long and is where a pattern is released piece by piece over a set period of time, usually in bitesized chunks. The idea being that all those taking part can be making their project at the same time.
  • Where can I get the pattern?
    • Purchase the pattern on Ravelry HERE. Please note that the pattern belongs to The Crochet Project. Eden Cottage Yarns will not be able to help with any pattern purchase queries.
  • When does it start?
    • The first part of the pattern will be released on Wednesday 20th June.
  • How does the social bit work?
    • Join in the fun on the Friends of The Crochet Project facebook page HERE. Post pictures of your progress as you go, ask for advice and discuss issues with other Crochet Project fans, fellow MCAL-ers and members of ECY and  The Crochet Project.
  • Do I have to use the yarn kits from your website?
    • Of course not! The world is your yarny oyster! If you want to make a shawl that will be like Joanne's, then we would recommend using the same yarn but really any 4ply yarn will work. You could even experiment with different weights although you would need experience of working out hooks, yardage and tension so we would advise caution. (That being said we would love it if you used our yarn!!)
  • What if I miss the start or fall behind?
    • MCALs are supposed to be a bit of fun and a social experience. Catch up when you can and if you want to keep the mystery you should probably avoid the facebook group until you catch up.