I thought it'd be useful to create a few gallieries of projects made with specific yarns; so here I am starting with Tempo 4ply which is our proper sock yarn. It is superwash wool blended with nylon, and let me tell you, it takes a LOT of abuse.  It's also the softest version of this traditional blend that I've ever found (which is why I use it, obvs!).

Thankyou to everyone who gave me permission to use their photos and link to their projects!

I may as well start with what I've made using it, and some of you may recognise my two most recent makes.

Firstly, Boxy by Joji Locatelli, in colourway Woodland.


Spindrift by Helen Stewart in colourway Cromer Pier:

 And Daydreamer Socks by me in an old colourway probably closest to Harbour these days (and Periwinkle for the contrast);

Close To You by Justyna Lorkowska, knitted by BelowWoldsSkies in colourway Cromer Pier 

Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan, knitted by germe in colourway Meadow Rue 

Twists & Turns by Adrienne Fong, knitted by IlonaL in colourway Hazel

House Baratheon Socks by Avalanche Designs, knitted by ChristinaJensen in colourway Tarn

No Rush... by Anna Stasiak, knitted by MagdalenaEska in colourways Dark Oak (MC) and Copper Bucket (CC) 

Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska, knitted by Liadanek in colourways Dark Oak (MC) and Copper Bucket (CC)

Eden by Anna Stasiak, knitted by WiolettaBielecka in colourways Storm (MC) and Rambling Rose (CC); 

Hedera by Cookie A, knitted by iikku in colourway Copper Bucket 

Float by Veera Välimäki, knitted by dreamsbythesea in colourway Linen (MC)

Striation Socks by Cookie A, knitted by woollenwild in colourway Copper Bucket 


Goldilocks by Justyna Lorkowska, knitted by joodel in colourway Blossom - I don't really dye this any more (probably should do!), but colourways Rambling Rose and Hydrangea are similar - particularly the latter. 

 Eisern by General Hogbuffer, knitted by lat0405 in colourway Storm (that's the lighter colour) 

Calamint by Rachel Coopey, knitted by daisyemily in colourway Daffodil 

Nain by Hunter Hammersen, knitted by Samantha47 in colourway Antique Rose 

So there's just a few of the beautiful projects made in Tempo 4ply. If you have a project to show off please do come and join The ECY Garden facebook group and show off what you've made. If you tag @edencottageyarns on facebook, and #edencottageyarns on Instagram then we should see your lovely items. 




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