We have a LOT of blog content and we know that can be pretty overwhelming so we have had a sort out and have some new categories for you!

Please be aware that older blog posts are likely to contain links to Ravelry. If you are sensitive to visual stimuli please exercise caution when clicking on links. 


ECY News

Any other news that isn't covered by the other categories! 😆



In this category we include posts with information about getting the most out of your ECY experience. This includes hints and tips for using the website, information about the yarns and update process, combining colours and yarns, plus lots of other stuff!


Shedcast Show Notes

Hopefully self explanatory, these blog posts are to be used alongside episodes of The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast. They include links to any patterns mentioned with additional information that you may find useful. 


Yarn Specific Blog Posts

This category is for any blog post that is specifically about one yarn. This could be an introduction to a yarn when it was first added to our range or our new Patterns and Projects Inspiration series. It does also have some older blog posts which were galleries of projects using a single yarn type. Click HERE for an index of these posts (this is much more user friendly than scrolling through all the posts. We also have an index of Milburn blog posts HERE.


Design Collaboration Page

A chronological record of the collaborations we have been involved in. On this page you will find links to the designers, the patterns and the publications involved. Again older links will still direct to Ravelry so please exercise caution on this page.