Every so often a pattern is released that calls for a combination of several yarns/colours; so we either come up with yarn packs for it or create a collection of products to help you choose yarns for it - we know how hard that can be when you're looking things online, and it does seem to be helpful. :) 


Belle by Libby Jonson - The body of this triangular shawl is formed with stripes of two contrasting colours of Keld Fingering, one skein of each with a fluffy laceweight edging, we recommend Eldwick Lace for this.

Belle by Libby Jonson


Trescao by Anna Dervout - This feminine jumper has two options of yarn, either using Hayton DK or  Titus 4ply held double with Eldwick Lace. 

Trescao by Anna Dervout


Woodbine by Fiona-Alice - A beautiful sweater combining Bowland Aran and Eldwick Lace. Check out our blog post about this design HERE.


Woodbine by Fiona-Alice


Ode to Autumn by Jayalakshmi - The third design in the Four Seasons Collection which you can find more information about HERE. See below for a link to all Four Seasons Collection products.

Ode to Autumn by Jayalakshmi


Flutter Shawl by Helda Panagary - First published in Inside Crochet, this beautiful shawl was inspired by soft cherry blossom against a clear blue sky.

Flutter Shawl by Helda Panagary


PPS by Louise Tilbrook - PPS (Pattern Please Shawl) is a kite-shaped shawl using one 100g skein with five 20g mini skeins.

The PPS by Louise Tilbrook


Skimming Stones by Joanne Scrace - Originally released by The Crochet Project as a mystery crochetalong.

Skimming Stones by Joanne Scrace


Laverton by Victoria Magnus - A crescent shaped shawl using a combination of Carlisle Fingering, Eldwick Lace and a Nateby 4ply mini skein. For information about colour combinations take a look at this blog post.

Laverton by Victoria Magnus


Frail Scarf by Robynn Weldon - A brioche scarf perfectly combining colours and stitch patterns to evoke autumn. 

Frail Scarf by Robynn Weldon


Starting Point / Fading Point by Joji Locatelli - Both of these designs were knitalongs run by Joji calling for five x 100g skeins. Here at ECY Shedquarters we had far too much fun selecting colour combinations which proved incredibly popular!

Starting Point by Joji Locatelli


Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan - This is the ultimate cat lover’s collection of knitting patterns for garments and accessories. The entire book of 16 designs uses Eden Cottage Yarns. You will find all yarn packs and other Cat Knits items in this collection.

Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan


Four Seasons Collection - An exciting collaboration with Jayalakshmi of Apoorva Designs. Four Seasons is a collection of four shawls/wraps inspired by Jaya’s love for simple and meaningful poetry, by some of her favourite poets. Find out more about the collection in this blog post.

Subscription to the Four Seasons Collection by Jaya


Drift Collection - A collection of patterns for DK yarn created by Victoria and involving a range of talented designers. For more information about the collection take a look at this blog post.

Drift Collection


The Bletchley Collection - A collection of knitting and crochet patterns designed by Joanne Scrace using Milburn 4ply, inspired by the incredible code breaking work done at Bletchley Park. This was Victoria and Joanne's first book back in 2012. For more information about the collection take a look at this blog post.