This has been a long time coming... we finally have our lovely new shades of Milburn 4ply! It takes the collection of shades up to 20, and fills in a few gaps I thought we had (like a proper green). Before I go any futher let me just tell you that a) these are all available on the Milburn 4ply section on the website, and b) I created a Flick album HERE with loads of lovely colour combination inspiration - have a look! 

I'll start with the greens - we have Fern, which is a zingy yet earthy green, and then Moss which is a proper emerald green with a hint of yellow undertone to it. They look pretty amazing as a gradient with Thyme and Natural. 


Next up we have Charcoal - a simple dark grey which really adds to our neutral palette. I'm sure it goes without saying this colour makes all other colours look amazing! 

This ^^ segues nicely into the next new colour - Rust. Now... you might recognise this. We used to have Rust and I discontinued it because it wasn't *overly* popular. That was before we got the rest of the colours though, and when we were deciding on the latest five I just kept going back to wanting Rust. I think it deserves another chance, don't you? 

Rust does look different in different lights, as you can see, although the same generally goes for all colours and yarns. 

Finally, our 20th new colour is Dogwood - this is popular on Whitfell DK and with not already having a good proper red in Milburn 4ply, I thought now might be a good time to do that.

I just have to say though, that if you wash it on a hot wash with detergent, this colour will bleed. It doesn't fade, but it does bleed. However I have also tried washing a ball of it alongside a ball of natural in a normal 30 degree 'time saver' cycle in my washing machine, and the natural did not come out stained at all. So my advice as always with rich colours (this includes Night Sky too) is to a) wash them on a cool wash, ideally with no soap or detergent; and b) if you're planning to use them alongside much lighter colours, make a swatch using both colours and wash it to see what will happen. If in doubt, use cool water and no soap. This is one of those perennial problems that comes up time and again with rich colours, and no matter how many times I ask the mill to please do something about it, it still always happens. It's common amongst all textiles to be fair (when you buy denim the tag will often say wash with dark colours), but if we can ever stop it happening we will, so it's something I will keep petitioning the dyer about! 

Anyway, I do feel that this red is worth any potential faff...

Again... changing colour with the light! Both of the above pics were taken outside on the same camera with the same settings!

I just love the pop of red against the greys..

Anyway, so what do you think? Do you like the new shades and do you think they work with the rest of the palette?

Here are all the colours together (they are getting increasingly hard to squeeze into one photo):

I hate to use the C word so I won't, but I couldn't help noticing that these look rather festive together...

I'll leave you with that thought, and a reminder that there's a lovely Flickr album packed with colour combination inspiration HERE, and that Milburn 4ply is available to buy HERE. :) 




  • ECY - Admin

    Hey Lou,
    Thankyou for your comment! I’m so glad you like the five new colours. :D These aren’t available at Loop, but if you mention it to them next time you’re in they might think about stocking Milburn 4ply. x

    Victoria on

  • Beautiful palette, the 5 new colours have balanced it up wonderfully well. Particularly love the greens. Is it available at Loop? Best wishes, Lou

    Lou Hodgson on

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