Five colour Milburn DK yarn pack SP24 (500g)

Milburn in shades of purple, black, brown and rust

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Five colour Milburn DK yarn pack SP24 (500g)

A gorgeous pack of complementary DK yarns for any five-colour pattern. 

Yarn packs include five DK yarns carefully chosen to harmonise together. This pack contains ten 50g balls of Milburn DK - that's five colours, two balls of each (only one ball of each is shown in the images but you will receive two!).

The colours are: Black Tulip, Charcoal, Rust, Dusk and Compost. 

Washing: hand wash in cool water (avoid soap or detergent) and lay flat to dry. 

All yarn packs come with the added bonus of a discounted price compared with purchasing the skeins/balls individually.