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Gift selection

Unsure what to get for the yarn enthusiast in your life or fancy a gift for yourself? Choose a size, give us as much guidance as you can, and we will hand pick a gift for you. 

Information that will help us choose the gift includes:

  • What sort of things does your recipient like to make?
  • Do they knit, crochet, or both?
  • Are there any colours they particularly like or dislike?

Please be aware that we can only send stuff that's in stock so if you ask for something that isn't in stock we'll have to substitute something else in its place (we will email you about it before doing so though). 

Examples of the type of gift per size are:

Pattern - one printed pattern / project bag / two reduced patterns

Small - 25g 4ply Yarnling™ Lucky Dip with a project bag OR 50g DK Yarnling Lucky Dip (without a project bag) . Our Yarnlings are really cute and popular, and this is a great way to gift something that's useful and unique. 

Medium - one 100g skein of hand-dyed yarn with a project bag OR a bundle of five mini skeins. This will be enough for the recipient to make something like a shawl or cowl, or a few matching accessories for example. 

Large - two / three skeins of hand dyed yarn (eg 2 skeins of Titus or 3 skeins of Pendle Aran). This is enough for the recipient to make a bigger accessory (like a nice big cosy cowl for example), a larger multicoloured shawl, or again a full set of matching accessories like a hat, mitts, and cowl for example. 

Very Large - Garment kit / yarn pack (size and yarn dependent). Obviously a garment kit will make the recipient a garment - you'd need to know what size they would want and let us know. A yarn pack is a good alternative as they can pick a pattern - maybe a lap blanket, a striped/colourblock (for example) garment, a nice big multicoloured shawl.. that sort of thing. 

Bumper - Five 100g skeins of hand-dyed yarn (eg Titus/Hayton). This would get a garment for small to medium sizes (depending on height!) using our more expensive yarns, or we could pick out five different colours which go together for something like a large multicoloured shawl (check out patterns from people like Stephen West and Joji Locatelli for some examples).

If you'd like a bumper gift with more in it than this please let us know and we can put together a bespoke selection for you! 

In the event that the size of gift and suggestions are not aligned we will contact you to discuss options to ensure you and the recipient will love the gift.