Today I thought I'd introduce you to one of our lovely new stockists, Ewe & Ply, which is based in Shrewsbury - the gallery level of the market hall to be more accurate. I've seen pics of the market hall and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I used to love market halls as a teenager, for their little independent and quirky shops, and these days they seem to have either gone really cheap and rubbish, or more upmarket - Shrewsbury has done the latter, evidently (which I applaud)! Anyway, we sent Teri and Becca some of our lovely yarn recently, and they opened their doors on Saturday just gone, so I asked Teri to tell me a bit more about them both and the shop. Here's what she says. "Basically we (Becca from Alterknitive) decided to create the shop we always wanted to find; stuffed full of woolly loveliness! Becca is an avid knitter and creates patterns from her head rather than following one, she also makes fabulous shiny pretty things; jewellery that crafters would desire; shawl pins, stitch markers, earrings and necklaces, and lots more. front.jpg

I am more of a crocheter and follow a pattern until I get bored! We both spin and I fiddle with dyes and weaving as well. If you can do it to wool between us we will.  


So we sell yarn, notions and the usual knitting and crochet necessities, patterns, dyes, kits, also peg looms, weaving sticks, drop spindles, merino tops and felting items, tatting shuttles, nals for nal binding, locally produced yarn and fleece for spinning and of course Becca's jewellery.  

We are running workshops and want to create a place where anyone can drop in and find something fun in a crafty way to buy. We have an orphan lamb basket for people to sell unwanted stash (!). And all in a very small space!" So please do visit the shop if you are in the area - we all know how valuable independent shops are, and it's always good to squish and smell the yarn (don't tell me you don't) in person, and soak up the yarn fumes. And thankyou Teri for taking the time to write about this for me, I appreciate it. You can find Ewe & Ply on Facebook.   

A little more info about Shrewsbury for those who aren't familiar with it - it's the county town of Shropshire, which to me is south (anywhere south of Manchester is south to me!), and on the border with Wales. It's a medieval market town, with black and white timber-framed buildings and a castle. Doesn't it sound awesome?! You can find our more HERE, HERE and HERE (or just do a Google images search!)  


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  • I was in there yesterday and discovered your beautiful yarn for the first time. Lovely. Good luck to them in their new venture.

    Pen on

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