We have a very exciting pattern release coming soon which uses a combination of Carlisle Fingering and Nateby 4ply held double with Eldwick Lace to give a soft, snuggly cuddle of a shawl. In readiness for the release we have put together some suggestions for colourways which we think would create stunning shawls. 

For each combination the colourways will be listed in the following order, Carlisle Fingering, Eldwick Lace, Nateby 4ply mini skein. We have a collection on the website which has all three of these yarns arranged in the same order which you can see HERE.  


The first wave is being released on Friday 2nd November at 6pm (UK time)! Please note that we are not able to hold or combine orders so to avoid disappointment please do not ask. 

1. Steel, Whirlpool and Ash

2. Chestnut, Compost and Oak

3. Little Owl, Silver Birch and Linen. This combination will recreate Victoria's original design.

4. Blue Geranium, Blue Geranium and Storm

5. Empire, Apricot Tulip and Clematis


The second wave is being released on Wednesday 7th November, timing to be confirmed!

 6. Winter Berries, Linen and Misty Woods

7. Snowfall, Campanula and Millpond

8. Autumn, Ash and Charcoal

9. Diascia, Azalea and Azalea

10. Wax Jacket, Bark and Bark


The third and final wave is being released on Monday 11th November, timing to be confirmed!

11. Larch, Cedar and Silver Birch

12. Salvia, Clematis and Dusk

13. Cottage Original 3010181256, Twig and Falling Leaves

14. Dyepot Luck, Dyepot Luck and Dyepot Luck (jackpot??)

15. Dry Stone Wall, Stonecrop and Rambling Rose


All other stock of Carlisle Fingering, Eldwick Lace and Nateby 4ply mini skeins will be visible in the collection below the combinations for you to browse through.

As always these are only our suggestions and we would love to hear which combinations you would choose in the comments below! 


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