Mini skein sets are a really popular treat for yarn lovers with lots of different options available. When we have enough minis in stock we offer various mini skein lucky dip sets with quantities ranging from five minis to 24 minis. We also often put together yarn packs of mini skeins with colours that look nice together (ie they're not lucky dip). You can see all our mini skein listings including any sets that are in stock HERE.

This past December we also had a 12 mini skein set available called 12 Days of Winter - designed to be a little boost of serotonin for the grey January (or later) days. But we all know that buying lovely yarn doesn't always mean you know what you are going to use it for so here are some of the patterns we have found that are ideal for advent-or-similar sets. 


Juniper Cowl by Toni Lipsey

Pattern uses 10 x 25g fingering weight mini skeins or any comparable mini skeins, fingering weight yarn scraps, or full skeins.


Festive Wrap by Ambah O'Brien

Sixteen mini skeins, each skein consisting of 80 yd/74 m.


Stormy rainbow Blanket by Fay Dashper-Hughes

Three 100g skeins of MC and 12 x 20g mini-skeins in your chosen set of colours


Riptide Wrap - Advent edition by Sweet Crochet Dreams 

Written for a main colour and 15 or 16 contrast colours but with one option having the CCs as the wedges and the other having the wedges as the MC. Option 1 requires MC: 100g/360m/394yd and CC1-15: 15 colours ranging between 8g/29m/31yd and 23g/83m/91yd (total of 200g/720m/787yd).
Option 2 requires MC: 200g/720m/787yd and CC1-16: 16 colours ranging between 4g/14m/16yd and 8g/29m/31yd (total of 100g/360m/394yd) 


Hoist the Colors Cowl by the Crafty Crochetier

Requires approximately 600 yards of fingering weight yarn, in 9 different colours. 1 full sized skein (463 yards/100 gr) and 8 minis (92 yards/20 gr). A 10 colour mini skein set would also work.


Woven Hues wrap by Detroit Knots 

This pattern uses one 100g (463yds) skein of the main colour and 12 x 20g (92yds) mini skeins 

Just Feel Cozy Wrap by Quirky Monday Crafts

24 fingering weight mini skeins or any collection of fingering weight yarn totaling about 480 grams. Yarn is held double throughout. 


Passiflora Wrap by Ambah Obrien

This wrap can be made with either 585 yd/ 535 m of a main colour with 12 mini skeins, 80 yd/74 m each OR 24 mini skeins of 80 yd/74 m each. 


Kruger Wrap by Biggerthanlifeknits

This pattern uses two 100g skeins (360m / 393yards) of main colour and 24 25g mini skeins (90m / 98yards) needing approx. 15g (54m / 59 yards) of each colour.


CONFECTIONERY cardigan by Heidi & Lana

This pattern is only available on Ravelry. It uses two 100g skeins of fingering weight yarn and 24 20g mini skeins. 


Snowy Pines by Yarnia Designs

24 x 20g fingering weight mini skeins, however you can shorten the wrap by using fewer mini skeins if you would like.


Riopelle Shawl by Verily Knits

Pattern requires a minimum of 220yds / 201m of each main colour and contrast colour. Contrast colour can be a gradient yarn or multiple colours.

Little Gemstones by Verily Knits

The pattern uses 290yds / 265m of the framing/background colour and 700yds / 640m for the gems. Each gem uses 8m of yarn. 


Bluegrass by Wool & Pine

Ideal for minis or stash busting. The pattern calls for 350g of yarn in total.


Napz by Casapinka

A recent knit-a-long with instructions for two blankets (for 20 and 24 minis), a shawl, and a scarf.


Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? Email us at with your favourite mini skein advent patterns.


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