I like to publish a preview of updates where possible, but this means a) getting photos of freshly brewed yarn far enough in advance and b) dyeing the yarn far enough in advance to get it dry and processed, and photos taken far enough in advance. And quite frankly I often don't manage that because I'm dyeing right up to the day before the update (in some cases). So... this post is going to start with what I have photos of, and as I get more photos over the course of the week I'll add them to this post. What I'm really saying is please check back here as I am going to add to it all week. Let's start with what I've got so far; firstly there's some Pegasus Lace - this is a baby alpaca/silk blend with 800m to 100g, and I've dyed it in five-skein batches. The colours are Rambling Rose (bottom left), Slate (top left), Meadow Rue (bottom centre), Buddleja (bottom right), and Millpond (top right).   The next yarn to go in the update is this limited run of Corino 4ply - it's a blend of Corriedale x merino wool with a little naturally oatmeal Falkland wool mixed in to give it alight oatmeal base colour. It's 400m to 100g but it is a bit floofy so I'd recommend using 3mm or bigger needles.  Next up I have some (quite a lot of) Titus 4ply for you. It's not all dry yet so here is some of it; I'll show you the rest over the weekend.

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  • Ooh, I’d been hoping for some antique rose laceweight, but the rambling rose might just do the trick. Excited now!

    Cathrinskey on

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