A couple of weeks ago, and just a week after Fibre East, we were back out at The British Wool Show at York Auction Mart. It was a lot of fun and lovely to see so many of you. I'm not sure what's happening next year, but hopefully we'll be there again! Here's a snapshot... The nutter on her way into the isolation box there is Estelle from Midwinter Yarns - they had a stand there too.. We bought a pair of 40mm knitting needles between us from Woolly Mahoosive and tried fighting with them. Thought we'd best show off some knitwear whilst we were there.. I also discovered Treddling Woman, who sells handmade bags, pouches, and needle rolls. Of course I had to sample a few items, and came home with a larger bag, two of the super-cool deckchair yarn bowls, and a needle roll. I'll show you them and my other purchases when I eventually find the bag they came home in - our house is chaos at the moment so I don't know where anything is. Anyway, I can heartily recommend these bags - they're really well made and the fabrics are different and unique.

Our next show is Yarndale on the 24th and 25th of September.. see you there??


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