With Yarnporium on the way (this weekend) and Louise of Inspiration Knits being there with my yarn I thought now would be a good time to talk some more about her book Knit Play Colour. Today I want to feature the cowls from the collection. I love cowls. Well, I love all knitwear but the thing about a cowl is that it doesn't flop about like a scarf, so when you're bending to put the lead back on the dog (for example), you don't find yourself swatting knitwear out of the way. And sometimes a cowl will just smush up to your neck in a particularly snuggly way. Anyway, so this first one is Heart Deco (and I'm a sucker for a pun), which here is made in Askham 4ply in Crocosmia. The pattern calls for 440yds (402m) of 4ply, and the interlocking hearts are ever so appealing, don't you think?!   This earthy but rich orange suits a lot of skin and hair tones as well; it's a real favourite of mine and I never would have thought I'd find myself wearing orange if you'd told me a few years ago. Next up is Yarn Tamer. This clever piece uses one 100g skein of 4ply along with either a contrasting colour (possibly a jazzy one?), a gradient skein, or small quantities of different colours, which is what this sample uses. So this cowl used a whole load of our 5g 4ply Yarnlings, which was a nifty idea. And the base colour was a simple skein of Hayton 4ply in Steel (Milburn 4ply in Steel would be a good alternative). This next snuggly item is Umbra, shown here in Whitfell Chunky in Echinacea. It uses two 100g skeins. It's a really cosy winter accessory, which gorgeous architectural cables. And from the back it looks like a hood. Don't you just want to cuddle it? It's ok, that's perfectly normal, I promise. Finally is Resonate. This super-cool stripy piece is a classic lace pattern but with a pop of colour. It calls for 300m of 4ply for the main colour, then three lots of 50m for the contrast colours, though I *think* this sample used Yarnlings for the stripes (I'm guessing two per shade). _dsc0378 Anyway, I hope you're inspired to make a cowl or two now, and of course visit Louise at Yarnporium tomorrow/Sunday!


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