Earlier this year we were very excited about the Kismet sweater by Rachel Illsley of Unwind Knitwear as it included our yarn, which is such an honour. Kismet is a colourwork sweater using four colours and small intricate patterns inspired by composer Alexis Ffrench. You can find the pattern for it sweater HERE. The sweater used Oakworth 4ply in Driftwood with three other 4ply/fingering weight yarns and so naturally we created yarn packs for it which you can find HERE. Our Oakworth 4ply yarn packs sold out but Milburn 4ply packs are still available now. This set is the closest colour match to the yarns in the original sample and is Milburn 4ply in Rust, Charcoal, Wicker and Steel. 

Four balls of yarn. There is a reddish-brown ball, a dark grey ball, a beige ball and a grey ball.

Following that, more recently Rachel announced a matching cowl design. Kismet Cowl is colourwork design in four colours of 4ply/fingering weight yarn held double using the same motif as the sweater. You can also use just DK yarn instead to get the gauge. Kismet Cowl is now available to buy HERE

A folded up cowl on a speckled surface. The cowl features intricate colourwork details in shades of beige, grey, dark grey and orangey brown.

For the sweater release we created a flickr album of the colour combinations we put together, which you can see HERE. As many of these combinations were in Milburn 4ply you could also use the same colours in Milburn DK. We have created a flickr album containing colour combinations suggestions for the cowl HERE. The album includes Milburn DK combinations as well as all the 4ply yarn combinations we put together for the sweater as they can be used held double.

The cowl pattern has several options: two constructions, three sizes and yarn requirements for both 4ply/fingering weight and DK yarn.

A narrow cowl on a speckled grey surface. The cowl features intricate colourwork detail in pinky beige, black, pink and purple. 


Yarn requirements

The three sizes in the pattern are Child (C), Adult 1 (A1) and Adult 2 (A2).
Finished measurements for the Cowl are 49, 54.5, 60cm / 19.75, 21.75, 24in circumference and 21, 25.5, 30cm / 8.5, 10.25, 12in height. 

The Tubular Cowl finished measurements are 48, 57, 57cm / 19, 22.75, 22.75in circumference and 16.5, 24.5, 27.5 cm / 6.5, 9.75, 11in height.

The tables below show the metres (M), yards (Y) and grams (G) for each size and design style.

  C1 C2 C3 C4
Cowl (C) 140m / 153yds / 35g 48m / 53yds / 12g 39m / 42yds / 10g 109m / 119yds / 27g
Cowl (A1) 159m / 174yds / 40g 54m / 59yds / 13g 73m / 80yds / 18g 144m / 158yds / 36g
Cowl (A2) 207m / 226yds / 52g 59m / 65yds / 15g 80m / 88yds / 20g 158m / 173yds / 40g
Tubular Cowl
153m / 168yds / 38g 79m / 86yds / 20g 112m / 122yds / 28g 100m / 109yds / 25g
Tubular Cowl (A1) 299m / 327yds / 75g 118m / 129yds / 30g 168m / 184yds / 42g 249m / 272yds / 62g
Tubular Cowl (A2) 332m / 363yds / 83g 131m / 144yds / 33g 187m / 204yds / 47g 276m / 302yds / 69g


If you use 4ply/fingering weight yarn, it will be held double throughout. Wind the yarn into two equal balls for each colour before starting to knit.  A single skein in each colour of hand dyed 4ply/fingering weight yarn will be sufficient to make either size/style. 

Four balls of yarn in two rows of two. There is a rich blue ball, a cream ball, a dark grey ball and a grey ball


If using Milburn DK, the cowl can be made using one ball of each colour for all three sizes except A2 which requires an additional ball of C1. The child size of the Tubular Cowl uses one ball of each colour. Adult sizes require two balls each for C1 and C4. The above picture includes Milburn DK in Night Sky, Natural, Charcoal and Steel.

  C1 C2 C3 C4
Cowl (C) 70m / 77yds / 28g 24m / 26yds / 10g 19m / 21yds / 8g 54m / 60yds / 22g
Cowl (A1) 80m / 87yds / 32g 27m / 29yds / 11g 36m / 40yds / 15g 72m / 79yds / 29g
Cowl (A2) 103m / 113yds / 41g 30m / 32yds / 12g 40m / 44yds / 16g 79m / 87yds / 32g
Tubular Cowl
77m / 84yds / 31g 39m / 43yds / 16g 56m / 61yds / 22g 50m / 54yds / 20g
Tubular Cowl (A1) 149m / 163yds / 60g 59m / 65yds / 24g 84m / 92yds / 34g 124m / 136yds / 50g
Tubular Cowl (A2) 166m / 181yds / 66g 66m / 72yds / 26g 93m / 102yds / 37g 138m / 151yds / 55g


If you are using hand dyed DK weight yarn you will be able to make any size/either style using one 100g skein each of the four colours.

All sizes of the cowl can be made using a single ball of each colour of Milburn DK. Adult sizes of the Tubular Cowl will need a second ball each of C1 and C4. The set below consists of Milburn DK in Compost, Black Tulip, Azalea and Natural. 

Four balls of yarn in two rows of two. There is a brown ball, a dark purple ball, a pink ball and a cream ball.



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