You might be wondering, so let me inspire you..

1. They look cute

Just that! They look really sweet in a nice jar, jug, or bowl - however you want to display them.

2. Mitred square blankets

Or indeed any modular blanket pattern, really. There are lots on Ravelry. HERE is a simple mitred square blanket (knitted). This would work really well with crochet too - simply crochet a square in each colour.

3. Patterns with lots of smallish stripes

For example, Helen Stewart's Land of Sweets cowl - this would be SO perfect in a selection of mini skeins!

4. Patterns that require small quantities of contrast colours

Our Quadratic shawl pattern immediately springs to mind! 

5. Surface crochet decoration

Surface crochet can be used to add gorgeous decoration, from simple stripes to more elaborate designs. 

6. Embroidery

Embroidery can be used to add beautiful motifs to knit and crochet fabrics. One of my favourite Instagram accounts @dottieangel  illustrates this beautifully (if you scroll through her feed you'll see what I mean, but HERE is a prime example), and there's loads of inspiration on Pinterest for this too. 

7. Small things

Knitting and crocheting tiny things is strangely satisfying. Jumpers, socks, you name it - there are plenty of patterns on Ravelry for this sort of thing (as you might imagine). Once you get started there's no going back! 

8. Wee stuffies

Small toys/stuffies are great for kids to carry around with them, and they just look cute and lovely sat on your shelves if you just fancy making them for yourself. HERE's a selection to get you started! :)

9. Hanging things/garlands

Another really satisfying thing to make - anything that'll hang, or a garland - I always get really enthusiastic about them in autumn as I love crocheting autumn leaves. HERE's an 'ornament' pattern search on Ravelry to get you started. We have our own Heart Hangers pattern - these are great for putting a bit of lavender in and keep them around your clothes. They'd be great with a little surface crochet or embroidery on, too. 

10. Korknisse

If you haven't heard of these, let me just point you in THIS direction and you'll see why I added them to this list! They're gorgeous. 

11. Fairisle/stranded knitting

Often with fairisle or stranded knitting, small quantities of lots of colours are required, so mini skeins are really handy for that. Also I've always fancied taking something like Ursa Minor by Anna Elliott and having one main colour but then having all different shades for each band of patterning (if you see what I mean). That'd be a great way to use mini skeins. 


What do you think? Have I missed any ideas (I'm sure I must have done!)?


  • You look like Kay Jones’s twin in the above photo, when she had darker hair! Both pretty ladies!

    Tracy Nixon on

  • I am keen to knit Helen Stewart’s Land of Sweets cowl and think your idea of using mini skeins is a wonderful idea. Do you happen to stock any at the moment and where might I find them on your website…
    With kind regards,
    Audrey Wilson

    Audrey Wilson on

  • ECY - Admin

    Thanks all for your ideas and comments! Can’t wait to see what you all do with your minis. :)

    Victoria on

  • Would make a great yarn advent calendar yarn

    Goril Lane on

  • Contrasting toes, heels, cuffs for socks.

    Barbara on

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