These show notes are to go alongside The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast: episode 21. The following is a list of links for all the items mentioned throughout the Shedcast and a few other helpful bits and pieces. I do hope you enjoy it! 


Cranberry and Pomegranate tea from True Tea Company (based in Harrogate), available HERE.

Find the sparkly Rosedale 4ply update HERE

Our Facebook group, The ECY Garden is HEREYou will have to answer the three questions please or you will not be accepted into the group.

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All Rosedale 4ply colours can be seen in the flickr album HERE.

Introduction to Rosedale 4ply blog post is HERE

Penicuik by Justyna Lorkowska aka Lete's Knits. Rosedale 4ply in Charcoal, Brimham 4ply in Dry Stone Wall, Hayton 4ply in Snow Leopard and Brimham High Twist in Drizzle. Pattern available HERE.

Serriform Hat by David O’Kelly - made using Rosedale 4ply in Mountain Hare. Pattern is HERE.

Volcano Trails by Maxim Cyr - Rosedale and Silverdale 4ply in Algae, Dale, Thicket, Tide. Pattern is available HERE.

Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook made in Nateby 4ply Festive Fun. Pattern is available HERE.

Icicle Legwarmers by Natalie Warner made using Keswick DK in Meadow Rue. The pattern is availableon Natalie's website HERE. Keswick DK is on the website HERE.

Blog post introducing Keswick Fingering and Keswick DK is HERE.

Festive project bags by Ellen Shek. Kalok Shek Ellen website is HERE.

Kendal Mint by Anna Elliott being made in Bowland DK in Red Goosefoot and Compost. The pattern is available HERE.

Lucky Dip Cowl DK version being made with 10 DK Yarnlings and Milburn DK in Compost. Pattern coming soonish!

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley is on amazon HERE.

Stephen West Shawlography MKAL info HERE.