These show notes are to go alongside The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast: Sparkly and Chunky parts one and two. The following is a list of links for all the items mentioned throughout the Shedcast. I do hope you enjoy it!


Willow Shawl made using Keld Fingering in Wild Raspberry. Note: as Keld Fingering is 360m/100g you will need more than one skein. Pattern available here:


Lazy Sunday Socks books by Jane Burns back in stock. These are the last that will be printed. Available on the website here:


Pure Luck socks by Louise Tilbrook being made using Keswick Fingering in DryStone Wall. Pattern available on Payhip here:


Trans Rights are Human Rights yarn on Brimham High Twist – donation of 20% of the purchase price (excluding VAT) to Stonewall for every skein purchased. This is a pre-order but there are a few skeins ready to ship. Available to buy here:


Party Punch Shawl by Toni Lipsey made using Woodpile in Keswick Fingering. Pattern available here:


Tunisian Crochet tutorials can be found on Toni Lipsey’s blog here:


Vertical Lines by PetiteKnit - being made using Keld Fingering in Charcoal and Coniston Fingering in Thunder. The pattern is available here:


Rosedale 4ply collection on the website:


Serriform Hat by David O’Kelly - made using Rosedale 4ply in Mountain Hare. Pattern is available here:


Colour combination albums on flickr:


Eden Cottage Yarns on flickr:


Colour combination suggestions for Rosedale 4ply update yarns start at 40:46 in the Shedcast. Click this link to go straight there:


Part Two

Rosedale 4ply colour combinations continue in part two


Rosedale 4ply mini skein fade sets made for the Transference Shawl by Helda Panagary. The pattern is available in Issue 128 of Inside Crochet. Get it online here:


Cat Knits by Marna Gilligan, book and yarn packs available on the website here:


Pendle Chunky collection on the website here:


Pendle Chunky colour combination suggestions start at 6:03. To go straight there click here:
The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast: Sparkly and Chunky pt 2


Older stock of Pendle Chunky is on sale to clear including lots of Silver Birch which is also available in yarn packs for the Cosy Cat Sweater by Marna Gilligan from Cat Knits. Yarn packs available here:


Brigg hat by Victoria Magnus has been re-released with new pictures. Samples have been made using Pendle Chunky and Whitfell Chunky. Pattern available here:


Simple garter stitch scarf made using Whitfell Chunky in Silhouette. Yarn available here:


Maya’s Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska made using Whitfell Chunky in Coal available on Payhip here:


Langrigg mitts by Victoria Magnus – made using Pendle Chunky in Frog Prince. Pattern available here:


Fellsider cowl by Tracey Todhunter – made using Pendle Chunky in Millpond. Pattern available here:


Wharfe headband by Victoria Magnus made using Pendle Chunky in A Murder of Crows. Pattern available free on the blog here:


Self Care Cowl (not Coffee Break!) by Louise Tilbrook (made using Pendle Chunky in Wild Raspberry and Eldwick Lace in Silver Birch held together). Pattern available here:


Lush Brioche Cowl by Cassondra Rizzardi – made using Pendle Chunky in Dyepot Luck and Jewel Garden (not A Murder of Crows – sorry!), 1 skein of each). Pattern available here:


Itty Bitty Bat by Lucy Collin - made using Nateby 4ply in Charcoal. Pattern available here:


Liz Corke is having a Socktober sale, details are on her website. Check out her sock patterns here:


New pattern release - Cyclamen Mitts by Sophie McKane. Pattern uses Titus 4ply and is available here: