These show notes are to go alongside The Wholly Irregular ECY Shedcast: the silent one. As this Shedcast was a little different, these show notes are also a little different. As well as being a list of links for all the items mentioned throughout the Shedcast this is also a written record of the paper notes held up during it in case there was any difficulty in reading them. I do hope you enjoy it! 

Titus 4ply update...

Titus = Superwash Merino / Silk 
It's an ECY classic!

This jumper is Boxy by Joji Locatelli (Pattern available on Joji's website HERE)
The sample worn by Victoria is in Wild Raspberry.

I also have Drachenfels by Melanie Berg which uses three colours. (Pattern available HERE)
The sample used Geum, Rosehip and Black Magic Rose.

And Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska in two colours.
This was our first EYF (Edinburgh Yarn Festival) collaboration! I *think* we might even have the  pattern in stock! (Pattern available on our website HERE)
The first sample shown used Hibiscus and Whispering Grass. The second sample is in the original colours Rambling Rose and Campanula. 

I have also made socks in Titus 4ply... but I can't find them!

I dyed some of our "Bliss" colourway, which is what was used by Veera (Valimaki) in Interpretations* for this this cardigan.

(This sample is made in Milburn 4ply in Thyme)

*Vol 5 I think! (Interpretations Vol 5 available HERE)


Colour Combinations

The possibilities are endless, of course you can see all the pics on flickr too.

I will pick out some examples for you and we will put the colourway names into the captions (I know this isn't ideal, sorry!)


Slate and Thunder

Slate, Thunder and Linen

Slate, Thunder and Charcoal

Slate, Thunder and Twig

Linen with everything!!

Stone, Whispering Grass, Linen, Driftwood - all good neutrals

Stone and Driftwood

Echinops and Whirlpool

Echinops, Whirlpool and Charcoal

Echinops, Whirlpool and Tarn - yes or no? For me it is a yes!

Dusk and Thunder

Linen, Dusk and Thunder

Wisteria, Hibiscus and Blue Geranium

Thunder, Dusk, Wisteria, Hibiscus and Blue Geranium

Bliss and Coppice

Cottage Garden and Bliss

Whispering Grass, Twig and Dark Oak

Linen, Whispering Grass, Twig and Dark Oak

Briar Rose and Meadow Rue

Briar Rose, Meadow Rue and Wild Raspberry

Cottage Garden and Meadow Rue

Cottage Garden and Briar Rose

Meadow Rue and Dark Oak

Meadow Rue and Stone - this would look great as an Aisling combination!

Brair Rose, Whirlpool and Linen - this would look great as a Drachenfels combination.

Slate and Dark Oak

Driftwood, Slate and Dark Oak

Blue Geranium and Stone

Driftwood and Blue Geranium

Hibiscus and Stone - actually, no

Hibiscus and Driftwood - much better!

Hibiscus and Linen

Slate, Stone and Whirlpool

Stone and Coppice


The possibilities are endless!


Pattern News

We've been working on pattern stuff recently - I like to try to keep them fresh and up to date, but it's quite slow work!

Chromium is re-released and updated as a cosy wrap. It uses two x 100g skeins of the three main colours and one 100g skein of the contrast, all DK! You can mix and match types! 😊 (Pattern available HERE)


Colour Pop Cowl by Tracey Todhunter was in Inside Crochet and is now a FREE download on our website HERE. You can buy yarn packs for it if you like. It uses two 50g balls of Milburn 4ply™ in Thyme and 10 x 5g Yarnlings™, all on our website anyway! 

Daydreamer Socks by me. The pattern has been updated to make it more descriptive. Newsletter subscribers have had an email with it in - it is currently the free pattern that you get when you sign up.

This pair is made in Oakworth 4ply - pure superwash Polwarth.


We have lots more next week!

I'm going to go now as my wrist hurts from writing and I'm due another Lemsip!!

Thank you for watching. Much love to you all.

See you soon

Victoria xxx