Handknitted scarf in baby alpaca

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Handknitted scarf in baby alpaca

This is a gorgeous squishy scarf was made for one of our patterns. The yarn - DK 100% baby alpaca - has been discontinued for a while now and so I never use this sample any more. 



- scarf length is 59 inches/150cm

- scarf width is 10.5 inches/26.5cm



This is a handwash-only situation, *however* knitwear like this very rarely needs washing. If it's been in a cupboard for a while or then simply hanging it out outside in the fresh air will freshen it up. Natural fibres like this don't hang on to smells and don't absorb stuff like man made fibres do.

If anyone drops a bit of food/sauce or whatever on it that will usually spot clean off the surface. Because the yarn is slightly fluffy things don't tend to immediately absorb so a dab with a tissue will lift most things off.

If you really do have to wash it then your best bet is to soak it in a sink of water (medium tempterature - not hot), squeeze it out and/or roll it in a towel to squeeze out excess water then lay flat to dry. It might expand whilst it's wet but as it dries it'll spring back a bit so don't panic. If you do actually want to stretch it you can pin it to the carpet and it'll dry stretched.