On Sunday, we have a lovely big update for you, hopefully at 2pm UK time, assuming I've found a 3G signal at some point before that!  There's loads of stuff included, and I won't go through it all, but not pictured here are Original Stripe Quadratic kits, and Aisling kits in Titus 4ply in the two original colour combinations - Rambling Rose/Ice and Whispering Grass/Hibiscus. As always, numbers are very limited. They'll be in the kits section of the website. I will show you the flock though - and it's not just sheep! There are Herdwick ewes, tups, and LAMBS!


Suffolk ewes and lambs..


Zwartbles ewes and lambs...


And more gorgeous Swaledales...


But we now also have penguins, which are either standing...


..or swimming (actually I think they look like they're skidding across the ice).


We also now have (drum roll please) these beautiful hand carved shawl pins. They are very light, and being smooth they are snag free. The point isn't so pointy that it'll split stitches either. Now, I only have five for this update, but if you guys love them then I'll ask if we can have more. As with anything lovingly hand made, they take time to make, so shipments are not very often (and I'd hate to put pressure on Yuki to be quick as it rather defeats the object I think).

_DSC4039 _DSC2487

All the animals and shawl pins are gift-boxed, and I'm still busy faffing with printer settings but if possible, the labels on the animal boxes will have little prints of my own sketches of the animals on (I was seriously considering hand sketching each individual label.. I'm still tempted but am so pressed for time that I don't think I can do it). Anyway.. YARN! So moving onto the main part of the update.. The yarn. It's all 4ply this time, and there are quite a lot of batches; there are also a couple of new shades (look out for Briar Rose, Faded Bloom, and Fence). First up there's the lovely smooshy Hayton 4ply (which you'll be able to get from Loop soon - more on that in a couple of weeks). L-R it's Whispering Grass, Briar Rose (Rambling Rose's darker sister), Ash, Salvia, and Geum.


Next up is Titus 4ply. Now, I did too many to fit on one (decent) photo, but did get carried away playing with colour combinations. I thought they might be helpful/inspiring for you to see, so here are a few. Briar Rose/Rambling Rose (to demonstrate the difference):


Whispering Grass/Hibiscus (these are available individually as well as in Aisling kits):


Rambling Rose/Ice (also available individually as well as in Aisling kits):


Briar Rose/Stone/Steel/Echinops/Ice/Harbour/Pennine Mist:


Hedgerow/Twig/Whispering Grass:




Pennine Mist/Stone/Steel:


Dark Oak/Briar Rose/Whispering Grass:


Apricot Tulip/Echinops/Steel:


Harbour/Ice/Steel/Whispering Grass:


Twig/Pennine Mist/Stone/Steel:


 Twig/Briar Rose/Hedgerow/Steel:


Clematis/Rambling Rose/Whispering Grass:


Whispering Grass/Briar Rose/Twig:


Pennine Mist/Ice/Steel:


And of course there are all the other colours that were already in stock - those above are only the new ones. Well Wordpress won't let me put any more pics in this post (and I hope it hasn't taken too long to load), so stay tuned for the rest of the new yarn preview tomorrow!


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