Just like that 2023 is almost over and the festive period is upon us! If you are thinking of gifting a yarny treat please plan ahead to avoid disappointment. We have info on our Christmas shipping dates HERE so please do take a look at that for guidance. Tip: don't leave it late!

So... I know that a lot of people will be buying for others, but these are relevant if you fancy a treat yourself too, so I hope you find it useful. We've split ideas into budget sections. I am going to write this assuming that you don't know what these things are, just in case this isn't your usual haunt! If you do then please excuse me explaining things you already know.

Note that we can ship orders straight to recipients if you like - please pop a note in on checkout saying that it's a gift as we will leave out the invoice, and we can also write a note for the person if you want.

Gifts under £10 

All items under £10 with 20% UK VAT is applied can be found HERE.

Project bags - These have our new logo which is featuring more and more on our branding.

ECY Project Bag

Mini skeins - it depends how many you get, but you could make a small toy or decoration out of one mini, or add it in to other projects. A good choice for a little something. You could use the opportunity to get a few colours.

Pin badges: Cat Knits and ECY - If you know your recipient is already an ECY fan these are a nice touch. 

ECY Cat Knits badge


5 x Yarnlings™ - we have these either as a Lucky Dip or you can pick Milburn ones in selections of specific colours. Either way, again it's a great way to give someone a cute gift that gives them colours to play with, and if it's the Lucky Dip they'll get a variety of yarn types too. All Yarnlings can be found HERE.

Balls of Milburn 4ply or Milburn DK - This is our more budget-friendly yarn, but it's still really nice. One 50g ball of 4ply or DK goes a surprisingly long way - you can get a pair of fingerless mitts out of one ball of DK for example (see our patterns selection). 

Patterns - If you have a good idea of what your recipient likes, you could give the gift of a specific pattern. We have print ones and digital ones; if you go digital you'll need to download it and send them the pdf. Many of our printed patterns have been reduced in price too so you could get a few different ones.

Mickelby Cowl pattern


Gifts under £20

All items under £20 with 20% UK VAT is applied can be found HERE.

Yarn - Many individual skeins of hand dyed yarn come in at under £20 - in fact we have a page in our menu which shows everything that's £20 (including UK VAT at 20%) or under. Use the link above to browse these items. One skein will make your recipient a nice item whether they knit or crochet. 4ply is the most popular thickness as it goes a long way, but one skein of DK, Aran, or Chunky will make something like fingerless mitts, a cowl, or a hat. 

Yarnling jars - these are our most popular item for gift buyers. The jars are obviously reusable so they're something that you'd keep ever if you've used up the Yarnlings in it. 

Yarnling Jar


Yarnling Lucky Dip sock sets - if your recipient likes to make socks then this is a great way to give them the gift of a really fun project. The idea is that they pick out the Yarnlings at random so the socks will be striped in random colours. 

Kits - Many of our full kits come in at £20 or under and we have many options to make kits from our patterns with your choice of hand dyed yarns. These are shown as "add-on kits". Select the add-on kit and then add on the yarn, EASY PEASY!

Books - Our selection of books is slightly reduced this year as we need to restock Drift and The Bletchley Collection but we still have a range of books to suit various tastes. We stock most of the range from The Crochet Project and Lazy Sunday Socks if your recipient is a sock knitter.


Gifts under £50

All items under £50 with 20% UK VAT is applied can be found HERE.

Yarn packs: five colour 4ply/DK sets (250g) + six colour 4ply/DK sets (300g) - these would be a lovely way to give someone a range of colours and yarns and they'll get a substantial project out of it. The link will take you to all yarn packs but you can choose the specific yarn pack options from the yarn menu. 

We have a great range of skein pairs for a number of our available yarns, with options for high and low contrast as well as mixed yarn types. In particular our Carlisle Fingering and Eldwick Lace pairs which are ideal for patterns mixing 4ply with fluff such as Helda Panagary's Herringbone Brick Shawl and Mohair Whispers. 

Helda sideways on, wearing a pink and beige shawl wrapped around her neck 

Larger kits - again, project bags annoyingly currently out of stock but due in early December so you could buy without by dropping us an email or wait. 

Yarnlings: 24 pairs - this is our advent kit of Lucky Dip Yarnlings™. We have a blog post of ideas for things to do with them HERE, it is specifically for crochet but could still inspire knitters too. The idea is that you'd use a pair each day in December to either make something small or do something that's part of a larger project. 



We also have a Gift Selection listing on the website HERE. Select this item and choose the size of gift you would like to order, add any instructions or ideas you have about what should be included and we will pull together a gift for your loved one to that value. 

Gift Cards are also available on the website HERE. When you buy one of these you will receive an email containing a code which entitles the user to spend that amount on the website. How you use that email is up to you. You could print it out to put in a card, write it on a gift tag or forward the email to the recipient. Gift Cards do not expire and come in a range of values. You can also buy multiples to get the value wanted if we do not have that as an option - eg 4 x £10 cards for £40. 


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