Welcome to part two of tomorrow's update preview! It's just photos of yarn, but I thought the different colour combinations might help you decide (or make it worse!).

First of all I did do five batches of Tempo 4ply (superwash wool/nylon) - they are Dandelion, Compost, Coppice, Steel and Antique Rose (which is a surprisingly difficult to photograph colour - it's very pale lilacy pink).


Ok and the final hand dyed yarns for the update are all on Oakworth 4ply (100% superwash Polwarth wool). I am really loving this yarn and it seems you are too (it's nice to know my yarn decision is popular!), so I did ten batches of it which was really fun. Even with ten, it's still really hard to choose which colours to dye. Anyway, here are a load of colour combinations that I messed about with and got carried away with. I hope you find them useful. Slate, Silver Birch, and Frosty Fields:


(Front to back) Slate, Silver Birch, Whispering Grass, Frosty Fields, Coppice:


Copper Bucket, Whispering Grass, Coppice:


Slate, Apricot Tulip, Coppice:


Frosty Fields, Apricot Tulip, Coppice:


Apricot Tulip, Silver Birch, Slate:


Coppice, Silver Birch, Bluebell, Whispering Grass:


Silver Birch, Bluebell, Periwinkle:


Apricot Tulip, Coppice, Whispering Grass, Slate, Frosty Fields:


Coppice, Frosty Fields, Whispering Grass, Copper Bucket:


Slate, Copper Bucket, Periwinkle:


I thought I had lined up all the batches and got them in one shot - front to back they are Apricot Tulip, Copper Bucket, Whispering Grass, Coppice, Frosty Fields, Silver Birch, Slate, Bluebell and Periwinkle.


But it turns out I forgot this one! It's one of my new colours - it's a medium toned faded red (I think in some lights/on some screens it might look brown or pink), and it's called Faded Bloom.


And that's it! The update should go live at 2pm tomorrow all being well, and I hope you enjoy choosing and playing with all the colours!


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