One of the joys of knitting and crochet is that we love and need accessories... especially project bags. Seriously, you really do need something to put your WIP in to stop it a) rolling around the floor and b) getting caught on everything in your bag. 

So... here are my top picks from my collection! I love all of them so I won't write "I love this bag" every time - just assume that I do and that's why it's here. :)

 1. My Waterstones book bag. Very pretty, has pockets, sturdy enough to stand upright on its own, holds a large project. I bought mine in-store.. I've looked online and can't see this particular one in stock, but if you would like a gander at what they do have, HERE is a handy link 

 2. Ditty Project Bag. This is from YAK in Brighton; it stands up on its own, has nifty outer pockets, and holds a two-skein project nicely.

3. The Crimson Rabbit project bag. This is a beaut. These fabrics together really appeal to me, it's another one that stands up on its own (seeing a theme here?!), and it can just fit a two-skein project in. 

 4. Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag. (with rain on it for extra outdoor-ruggedness.. totally intentional..) If you've heard of these but been put off by the price, well I don't blame you but let me tell you these bags really are awesome. There's something about the fabric and design that's just perfection. They can squeeze in a LOT of yarn - I reckon you could get a small jumper in them, they very much stand upright, they have a handy leather handle, and they have pockets inside. This one now has pin badges on it too; why do we crafters love pin badges so?!?

5. Nicky James makeup bag. I just liked the fabric and got it in the sale, it's a handy one-skein project bag, it's sturdy, and it just about stands upright on its own (it'll topple sideways fairly easily though).

 6. Nicky James wash bag. Acquired in the same sale as the makeup bag.. this one is bigger so it'll hold a two-skein project. It does stand upright, and it's *totally* waterproof, so if you were going camping or something then this would be a really sensible option. 

 7. Fig Fibre Studio leather project bag. Well.. it smells amazing for a start! It's beautiful, it stands upright on its own, it'll hold a two-skein project, and again - it smells amazing. 

8. Fringe Supply Co. Waxed Field Bag. This is the waxed canvas version of the field bag, so has all the same points as the normal one. And it's camo.. what more can I say?!

I intend to add to this post as I go along, but what are your favourite project bags? Can you reommend any sellers/makers? 


  • ECY - Admin

    Hey Debbie, thanks for reading! I love pink and grey too – it’s a classic for me. :) Being a creative business does have its advantages, doesn’t it?!

    Victoria on

  • Thanks so much for including my Liberty Mitsi bag! I love pink and grey so much… I also love making project bags because a) they allow me to buy lots of lovely fabric b) they give me a great excuse for sewing (no, I don’t reeaally need one) and c) whenever I design a new one, I can add the prototype bag to my own collection, which gives me an automatic reason to buy more yarn and cast on something new! :D

    Debbie on

  • I love the range you have there Victoria. Those that stand on their own are so useful. You introduced me to Nicky James and I have a couple of their bags including a large zip up shopper style which is good for storage. Most of mine are lovely fabric medium sizes ones from a variety of Etsy shops including a very large custom bag from Helen at Saffron Blue. I wouldn’t spend the money on the Fringe bags but would recommend the similar canvas bags from Emerald Fibres in Ireland who decorates them with beautiful embroidery. and Thimble and Thread Makes who have just started doing large canvas cube bags too. I find buying project bags is almost as addictive as buying yarn and now I have a sewing machine I shall be making my own soon.

    Anne on

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