This may not be a blog post you were expecting but please do stick with it!

Royal Mail recently announced that due to changes to USPS (that's the US postal service) pricing they would have to increase prices for all shipments to the USA. It's called 'last mile' pricing as it's the last part of the trip that's going to increase in cost. And when I say increase in cost I don't just mean by a few quid, I mean by 50-100%. It's truly horrifying for businesses like us who export a lot to the US, and it's really not what we needed right now. 

With the new pricing being so significantly higher we have had to rethink the way we handle shipping, which is a huge job!

So first things first: shipment prices for the USA will be changing on 30th June. Note that this does not affect shipments to Canada for which the pricing will stay the same. 

Because this now makes shipping costs to various countries so very varied it's making our free shipping offer unfeasible going forwards, rather annoyingly. However we didn't want to just simply do away with the free shipping as it seems mean to go from that to nothing, so... after a lot of debate and numberwang we have decided to replace it with a universal offer of 10% discount to the entire order price when you spend over £100 EXC VAT (not inc VAT - that's just the way Shopify works). The new discount code is 100THANKS and will work in the same way as the previous free shipping discount codes. You will also be able to use the discount code for larger orders than you could previously as orders shipped by courier were excluded. To be honest it does actually work out better for UK customers as the free shipping on those orders was the equivalent of a less-than-10% discount. 

We know this change will take a bit of getting used to for all of us so please do be patient with us if there are any teething problems. Also I have to say - we are going to have to see how this goes. If we find that we can't afford it we'll have to look for another solution. Fingers crossed though that this is going to work nicely for everybody! ❤️

Happy Shopping!

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  • It’s very kind of you to offer the new code. My initial reaction to the whole Increase thing was frustration, but after reading what the increase was really all about I see that it was best for both countries. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your business too much. I weighed my most recent parcel and it would be about £6 more come July. It could be worse! (Positive thinking!)

    erica on

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