The Frail Shawl by Robynn Weldon is a beautiful brioche shawl worked using two colours of 4ply yarn to give the delicate skeletal effect of wintry leaves.
The shawl uses 100g (2 x 50g skeins) of Bedale 4ply in Dark Oak and 100g of Titus 4ply in Bark. This combination is stunning and gives a subtle yet effective contrast. As these colourways are not currently available, here is our selection of the best combinations using available yarns. 
1. Pendle 4ply in Compost /  Bedale 4ply in Green Tea
2. Hayton 4ply in Compost /  Nateby 4ply in Fen
3. Nateby 4ply in Tarn /  Titus 4ply in Campanula
4. Hayton 4ply in Briar Rose /  Bedale 4ply in Stonecrop
5. Nateby 4ply in Hedgerow /  Titus 4ply in Dyepot Luck
6. Pendle 4ply in Salvia / Titus 4ply in Crocosmia
7. Hayton 4ply in Harbour /  Bowland 4ply in Linen
The following 5 combinations are all in Milburn 4ply which comes in 50g balls and so to complete the shawl you will need two balls of each chosen colour.
8. Rust / Autumn Fields
9. Black Tulip / Thyme
10. Dogwood / Harvest Gold
11. Thyme / Rain
12. Steel / Thyme
For all yarns suggested for use in this shawl, take a look at the collection HERE. What combinations would you choose? Let us know in the comments below! 


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