As many of you know, photographing yarn colour combinations is one of my long-standing and favourite things to do; I love sharing them with you all. And it's very rare for us to be doing the trendy thing, or latest thing, BUT don't you think the #whatthefade KAL is the PERFECT thing for us to get on board with??! Well we do, and so we will have another range of #wtfkal kits in tonight's update. Hooray! Most of them are one-offs, so they are pretty special. These ones have been picked out by Laura, with Claire and I (Victoria) oohing and aahing over them (I got to do it all again when photographing them too). 

Of course, you don't have to use our yarn packs for any specific pattern - there are plenty of patterns that use five or six colours. Ravelry's advanced pattern search (HERE) offers a filter for the number of colours typically used in patterns, so if you filter using that plus fingering weight yarn, plus knitting and/or crochet (if you want), you can pull up lots of beautiful pattern using five or six colours of 4ply/fingering weight yarn (for UK readers: 'fingering weight' is the same thickness as 4ply). 

Here's a quick visual guide on doing this. Firstly, pull up the advanced pattern search page. There are filtering options all down the left side - yours might not be in the same order as mine.

Scroll down until you find the yarn weight pane, then tick 'fingering weight'; scroll down again until you find the colours used pane (shown below) and tick five or six:

Here's the first couple of rows of results - this is ordered by most popular - you can change that by tapping on the drop down box and selecting the order in which you would prefer to view the patterns. 

Now let's look at what we get if we look for six-colour patterns:

As you can see, What The Fade is number one at the moment. If you'd like to see mine, HERE it is on Instagram (I won't post the pic here as I don't want to spoil it for other MKAL-ers). This filter isn't foolproof but it's a good start. Another understandably-popular multi-coloured project that I really fancy is the So Faded jumper (there's a child's version of that pattern too!). Yes, it is a current trend. That's because it's really pretty, versatile, and great for playing with yarn combinations.

For now: forget whether it's trendy - if you love it, do it. Knitting should never involve being judgemental. 


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