Whilst I work I'm constantly snapping away on my phone when new colour combinations pop up - whether that's in the sink for a soak, or hung up on the drying rack. So I thought I'd share a few instead of just hording them on my phone! By the way, some of these are on the website, some are not (because they're off to retailers). Above: Rambling Rose (left) and Dark Oak (right).  Above: Steel (top), Geum (middle/left), Wild Raspberry (middle/right), Rambling Rose (front/left), Linen (front/right). Above: Steel (grey), Stone (oatmeal), Driftwood (beige), Algae (green), and Salvia (purple).  Above (top to bottom): Salvia, Steel, Pennine Mist, Coppice.  Above: Daffodil and Ice (mid-rinse).  Above ( top to bottom): Rambling Rose, Stone, Harbour, Oak, Driftwood.  Above: Steel and Stone having a bath in Soak together.  Above (top to bottom, left to right): Copper Bucket and Damselfly, Geum and Wild Raspberry, Rambling Rose and Linen, Coppice, Ice, Storm, and Salvia.  Above: Linen and Rambling Rose (left), Antique Rose and Geum (centre), and Driftwood (right).  Above (back to front): Coal, Daffodil and Midnight, Copper Bucket and Falling Leaves, Robin Egg and Stone,  Storm, Falling Leaves.  Above: Damselfly (teal), Woodland (green), Copper Bucket, and Dark Oak.  Above: Coppice and Pennine Mist about to have a bath together.  Above: Lichen (top) and Hazel (bottom) Soaking (literally, haha) together.  I love this palette - it's all Pendle 4ply and the shares are: Linen (cream), Dahlia (peach), Apricot Tulip (apricot..), Steel (grey), Echinops (blue), and Charcoal (dark grey).  I didn't realise I'd taken so many pics, sigh.. Ok these are Daffodil (guess which one), Coppice (green), Hyssop (dusky teal, or if your autocorrect misbehaves - ducks teal) and Steel.  It's yet another pile of yarn! It's been a very busy week... These are Coal (pink.. Only joking, it's black), Charcoal (dark grey), Steel (normal grey), Linen (cream), Stone (oatmeal), and Driftwood (beige - it's a bit brighter than Stone).   Above: mostly Ice (duck egg), Bluebell (the warmer light blue), Stone (oatmeal), Pennine Mist (the darker blue), and Falling Leaves (gold-ish).  Above: all the pinks I've named already, yet again. From left to right: Geum, Amtique Rose (which isn't normally that saturated), Rambling Rose, Wild Raspberry, and Green Tea. Warm shades: Daffodil (yellow),Hazel (lime-ish), Coppice (sage), Copper Bucket (the, ahem, copper), and Falling Leaves (gold).  Left to right: Bluebell, Hyssop, Robin Egg, Stone.   Project planning: Whitfell DK in Ebony, Laburnum, and Misty Woods. That's all for now! Was that a collective sigh of relief? Don't worry, I just ordered a wifi adaptor for my camera so there'll be even more pics once I get that sorted. Have a great week!


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