As some of you may have seen on Twitter or Instagram, the lovely Silver Pebble is running a project called #making_winter - the idea is to connect people who struggle with winter, with people who love winter.. Why? Well hopefully those of us who love this time of year can help inspire, cheer, and add cosiness to the winter months for those of you who find it difficult. There is much to love and celebrate about this time of year! Mrs Pebs will be blogging about this from now until March next year, but if you look for the hashtag #making_winter on Twitter and Instagram, you'll find lots of cheering thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.  This is a project which really caught my attention - I absolutely love winter.. So I'll be joining in as much as possible, primarily on here (Rain & Compost usually for gardeny or purely outdoor stuff; ECY Blog for crafty stuff) and on Instagram. Let me start with bringing colour indoors - it seems like everything's getting bare now, but there's still colour (and I don't mean supermarket bouquets, although they're OK). I work in the kitchen, so I like to have as much colour as I can on the windowsill (and directly outside - more on that another time). Today we have (L-R): geranium and sweet pea, more sweet pea, viola, and  cyclamen, hydrangea, yellow flowers - chrysanthemums I think - from a bouquet bought three weeks ago, and a little rose. All of these except the yellow flowers are from my garden.


For winter garden inspiration, you might want to have a look at these links: Thompson & Morgan RHS advice on winter containers A Telegraph list of winter plants Pinterest is also brilliant for stuff like this - try using search terms 'winter plants uk' or 'winter garden uk'.


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