I'm sure many of you will have seen news of these yarns floating around the ether, but for those who haven't - we have some new yarn! IMG_6908 I'm trying to bring more neutral shades into our mill dyed yarn ranges, and if you're wondering why I didn't do that in the first place, well I just didn't have enough shades to choose to be able to fit in all the neutrals I would like! I felt I had to go for maybe one neutral, but the rest should be not-neutral. These days I might have had the confidence to pick say, four neutrals and three colours.. but there you go.    Anyway, firstly we have Milburn 4ply (our British Bluefaced Leicester/silk blend) in Natural (or ecru). Because of the natural colour of Bluefaced Leicester, it is quite creamy. It comes in 50g balls, which I am phasing in instead of skeins. I think it's really handy to be able to just pick it up and cast on. IMG_6607 I've used it (plus Milburn 4ply in Steel) alongside Askham 4ply in my Masgot shawl (which is now finished and awaiting modeled pics). This works really well - I'm not sure how it'd work for colour work but I will give it a try. For reference, I think it will work alongside almost any 4ply because it sits somewhere between being totally drapey and totally bouncy.    Next up we have Whitfell DK also in Natural.. again this is the natural colour of the baby alpaca fleece - it's much whiter than the BFL above. This also completely changes the whole palette of Whitfell DK, and gives a nice soft shade for all the other shades to bounce off or blend with. This is it in Embleton, our crocheted cowl by Tracey Todhunter from the DriftCollection  IMG_6029 We are still waiting for the Whitfell DK in Steel - I'll let you know and will post out pre-ordered yarn as soon as it arrives. Finally we now have the super-popular Whitfell Chunky in both Natural and Steel. These are also in balls - 100g ones though, same as the 100g skeins. This yarn is so snuggly - as soon as the cooler weather hits (now!) I just want to knit so many things all in this yarn. One day the handknit chunky baby alpaca onesie will be a Thing. Anyway Whitfell Chunky in Natural looks like this: IMG_6407 And knits up well both alongside the other chunky shades, and alone, creating a classy and elegant garments, as you can see in this amazing Shadowlines wrap (more on this another time - it deserves its own post). IMG_6046 Steel also knits up well alongside the other shades, as well as alone. Expect a lot of pictures of things made using this over the coming months! I think the slightly warm tone of the Steel works particularly well with the softness of the baby alpaca.  IMG_6885 Here it is being made into an Isis Tailcoat (now finished and also awaiting modeled pics). IMG_6327      Before I go... Don't forget that if you buy 500g or more of Milburn 4ply, Askham 4ply, Whitfell DK or Whitfell Chunky you'll get 10% off, which will be automatically applied when you checkout.


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