Yesterday I was in the main office/stockroom and noticed a few purples near to each other, which took my fancy. So today I give you: a gallery of purple yarn.     From left to right (above) they are: Whitfell Chunky in Damson; Malham DK in Salvia; Derwent 4ply in Salvia; Tempo DK in Buddleja; Bowland DK in Buddleja; Milburn 4ply skein in Damson; Milburn 4ply ball in Damson; and Theseus Lace in Salvia.     And of course, they're all over at the ECY website. Or at least they are until they sell out. Then they may or may not be.    


  • My favourite colour!!

    Donna on

  • Yum, yum, yum! :D

    Debbie Seton on

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