Today we have a surprise update for you. Except this is a preview for it making it less of a surprise now.

Firstly, there are the Tunny kits I mentioned a couple of days ago - they're new, and there'll also be six kits for the pink/grey Holyrood shawl using Bedale 4ply (baby yak/silk).

h11 (the above photo is courtesy of Justyna Lorkowska - she designed this beautiful shawl) DSC_1473 There's also a sale going on on a wide range of our patterns. Basically I'm wanting to move from A4 to A5 because A5 is so much more practical (for home storage, for show display, and for putting in project bags). But I have loads of A4 patterns left - they're professionally printed on lovely paper with lots of lovely imaging as well as clear layout and quite large print. They all come with pdf download codes too. You can see them HERE.

Now to the yarn. It's Titus 4ply, and I've dyed batches of ten skeins per dyelot. It will be HERE when this update goes live at 6pm tonight (UK time).

Please bear in mind: yarn in your shopping cart IS NOT YOURS until you have checked out and gone through payment. Because of this, if you place more than one consecutive order tonight/today I will combine them and refund any additional postage you may have paid. 

Don't forget UK orders over £50 and international orders over £100 qualify for free shipping.

Here's one of each colour of the Titus 4ply (except Cedar which somehow escaped).

dsc_1292 The next thing I want to show you is a few comparisons, for info purposes really.

Stonecrop vs Driftwood (Stonecrop is more pink):


Hyssop vs Slate:


And Compost vs Briar Rose. Compost is a soft coffee colour to my eyes but it can look quite pink.

dsc_1291 Ok, moving on from that I had a little play with colour combinations for inspiration. Here's Stonecrop (centre) and Compost (right) along with firstly Oatfields, then Black Magic Rose, then Red Kite.

I really like this warm vintage-feeling palette of (L-R) Red Kite, Briar Rose, Stonecrop, Compost, and Black Magic Rose.

dsc_1302 Here are three combinations using Slate and Driftwood, along with Briar Rose (left), Larch (top) and Tarn (bottom right).

Another warm palette - this time I've used Stonecrop and Dianthus along with Briar Rose (left) and Red Kite (right).

Here's the lovely Starling with a couple of combinations - whilst this was all sat piled up waiting to be labelled I was really struck by how well Starling goes with pinks and warm colours - I think it's the yellow/coppery layer in it. On the left it's with Oatfields (which is a little darker in real life - in metering for the darkness of Starling, the camera has lightened Oatfields). And on the right it's with Compost and Stonecrop.

Finally, this is Tarn and Cromer Pier along with Compost (left) and Hyssop on the right - you could also go with the four together.

That's all for today! As you'll know if you follow me on social media, I'm already well on with yarn for the next full and scheduled update, so I'll talk more about that soon (it's not Titus 4ply so there isn't anything you see above coming again in the next update). Happy yarn-stalking!


  • The colours are so beautiful and have a gorgeous sheen to them as well. You do such beautiful work!

    Cindy on

  • Que de merveilles!!

    Flobrode on

  • ECY - Admin

    Thankyou Cindy, that’s really kind. xox

    Victoria on

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