Morning/afternoon/evening... I hope you're all well! We've had a busy start to the year, as usual, although it's been a bit more chaotic with a 15 week old Labrador puppy about - I'm sure you'll have seen my pics on social media! It's getting easier as she gets older though and the days getting longer is helpful too.

Anyway, so far is year I've mostly been busy working on wholesale yarn, but I did prepare lots of BFL Sock ready for Sunday (the 29th)'s update - it'll go live at 2pm UK time. We actually have a sparkling new website almost ready to go live, but I've asked if we can make sure it's after this update as I don't want you all getting held up at checkout having to create new user accounts (unless they've moved across - I don't know yet).  HERE is the page where the yarn will be. Here's what the update looks like:

Top row (left to right): Larch, Coppice, Misty Woods, Frosty Fields, Tide, Tarn, Pennine Mist, Campanula. Bottom row (left to right): Starling, Compost, Driftwood, Oak, Thunder, Stonecrop, Briar Rose, Rambling Rose. Here's how they look split into colour groups..

Frosty Fields is a lightly variegated batch so here's a better pic:

And Starling, as many of you will know already is lightly variegated:

There are ten of each colourway, so I hope that means everyone is able to get what they want. :)


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