Thanks to everyone who came to find visit our stall at Wonderwool Wales last weekend. We appreciate your lovely comments, your purchases, your projects, and your enthusiasm. We had such a lovely time, a successful show (with an exception which I'll talk about in a mo), and glorious Welsh sunshine. Here's a wee glimpse of our stall, which looked a bit ravaged by the end.

We stayed in the lovely Llandrindod Wells as usual, and it's so peaceful and beautiful.. Just lovely.

There were many sheep (the top two are Wensleydales and the bottom two are Bluefaced Leicesters).

But... Here's the exception. I'm sure some of you will have heard already - we had 22 skeins of hand dyed yarn stolen, sadly. That's not insignificant. We sometimes (though not usually) come home with one or two skeins unaccounted for, and assume that either it was so busy we forgot to mark them off as sold, or they were stolen. We are very careful to minimise the opportunity to steal as well - wherever we are.

There have been large thefts from this show in previous years, and there were other significant thefts that I know of this year as well. The sad truth is that even in our seemingly lovely community, there are people with no morals.

Do they know that that yarn took me precious time, creative energy, and monetary investment to create? We can only speculate. All I can say is: most shows don't have this problem, but please don't be complacent just because our community is largely the best and tends to feel safe. We mostly look out for each other, but as always in life, there are exceptions. It won't stop us applying for next year, but I may take cctv cameras. 

And on that cheerful note.. Happy bank holiday lovelies! I hope it's not too cold (we currently have snow), and I hope you get time to relax, amongst whatever else you have planned.

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  • Just appalled you had yarn stolen. Hard to believe in this community.

    Emma H on

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