Remember how we mentioned the Flower Power Fund a few weeks ago?

Well, we are very excited to be providing September's yarn.

The super-limited-edition colourway is called/inspired by Nigella and 100% of each sale (after tax*) will be donated to the Flower Power Fund. Not a few quid, not even 50%, but 100%.. because I'm a bit of a "go big or go home" person and I think if you're going to do something you should try and do it properly. That means that the cost of the yarn, my time dyeing, and my staff's time twisting, labelling and packing are all being donated (because none of it comes for free!!) as well as the profit we'd make on the yarn. :)

There are only 50 skeins available and each one is both numbered and signed by me. They will go live on the website at 9am (UK time) on the 1st of September.

Just place your order as normal and at the end of the month, £15 from each skein sold will be passed on to help Marie Curie provide care, guidance and support to people living with a terminal illness in the UK.

For more information about the Flower Power fund check out the facebook page HERE or the Just Giving page HERE.

*About tax - UK and EU customers get charged 20% VAT on orders from us, so we still have to pass that on to HMRC, we can’t get around it unfortunately - not even for charity. Customers outside of the EU you are not charged VAT so the whole cost of the yarn that you’ve paid will be passed on to the Flower Power fund. :) Either way, it’s £15 from every single skein.

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  • These are stunningly beautiful and you are amazingly generous to donate all of the proceeds. I’d love to get some but not sure I can be alert enough at 4 am to operate the computer! Good luck with your campaign!

    Rhonda W on

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