You may have seen us selling these like sweets in a sweet shop at shows, or perhaps you've seen our cute jars full of them online... we get asked certain questions about them over and over so thought it'd be sensible to put our answers in a blog post. I hope it helps! Have you got any more questions that we've missed?


What are they? 

Yarnlings™ are small balls of yarn ready wound into 5g weights for 4ply or 10g weights for DK. These could be any of our regular bases and any of our colourways, semi-solid or variegated. 

ECY has been selling Yarnlings for years and so in 2019 we made the decision to apply for it as a trademark and as you can see, that application was successful 

How many do I get?

We sell Yarnlings in a number of different ways to suit your purposes! You can buy a single ball for use in a small amigurumi project or mitre square. The next pack size is multiples of five, or four for DK, we have some pre-selected combinations available or the option for pick-n-mix/lucky dip selection by us. 

In our tins you will get 10 yarnlings, again either in a pre-selected collection of a colour theme eg Pink/Red, Greens, Greys etc. Again these are also available as a lucky dip. 

For the maximum quantity in one container we also offer jars containing 15 Yarnlings™ and these are lucky dip selections. We will accommodate requests for certain colours in the lucky dips where possible. 


That is all well and good but why would I want them?

This is a very common question (!) on first glance but how often have you had a project that includes colourwork requiring only a small quantity of a few different colours, eg for a fairisle yoke or contrast edging on a neckline, cuffs or waist of a jumper. They are also ideal for making little toys or scrappy socks. 

We do also have people frequently suggesting that they are pretty enough to be ornamental and we couldn't agree more!


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    Good idea! I have the tin. Could you give an idea of yardage? For example, would make, say, a beanie?

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