Afternoon! I hope today is treating you well. Seeing as it's a Friday and I'm blitzing through admin today, one of the things I had on the to do list was 'publish Cornhill'. So it's done. You can find it here on Ravelry:


It's a very simple shawl (or scarf) which uses 400m of each of two colours of 4ply. Or you could use different contrast colours which you could use smaller amounts for.


(sorry about the grimace - it was very sunny)


The rows do get long towards the end but they are very easy and it's worth it! It wraps around with one loop and long ends:


And you can get two loops plus ends for a more smooshy, warm neck. I wear mine like this a lot. It's not super-tight around my neck but is cosy.


So this gold and white version was made in Milburn 4ply - the gold is Harvest Gold and the cream is Natural. I used two balls of each colour, and the pattern includes notes on what to do if you've got more or less yarn. Some people in the test knitters group ran out of yarn earlier or later than I did. The yarn is HERE anyway. I also made a version in Pendle 4ply - the light colour is Stonecrop and the darker colour is Compost.

AAA_1781.JPG AAA_1764.JPG

So once I've had chance to get some copies of the pattern printed (it'll be A5) I will put together some kits for you. :) I hope you like this pattern and find it inspiring. I really enjoyed making both of mine and it got a great response from the test knitting group.


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