As makers, we LOVE Autumn and Spring for wearing and showing off our favourite knitwear, it's good to be able to wear layers, combining colours and textures for warmth and comfort. In Britain we can get several seasons in a day during these seasons - that's why we love to talk about the weather so much - so we need light weight yet warm knitwear that we can take on and off several times and combine with a variety of other different clothes. 

The question is: which one to knit first??



This is a beautiful light layer with short sleeves and a lovely swing to the body. It looks summery over a dress but looks great with jeans, too. Being made in 2ply laceweight yarn makes it particularly lightweight yet it still adds a layer of warmth. It folds up small, too, if you’re taking it on holiday!

You can see the pattern for Wray on Ravelry HERE and you can see our laceweight yarns HERE.


Tiny Shoots:

This tee is made in 4ply and has sort sleeves with a lace yoke at the front for a nice light layer which just covers the tops of the arms and keeps a cool breeze out. It’s also great over a dress and t-shirts, but also works really well over a long-sleeved t-shirt.

You can see the pattern for Tiny Shoots HERE and the yarn I made this one in, Milburn 4ply, is HERE.


Jen and So Faded:

There are a lot of 4ply/fingering weight sweater patterns on Ravelry, so here are just a couple of my favourites - I wear both of these a LOT.

Jen is a simple V-neck colour-block sweater, it’s a classic fit and you can have fun playing with colours. 

You can see the pattern for Jen on Ravelry HERE and the yarn I made mine in, Hayton 4ply, is HERE.

So Faded is another classic-fit top-down sweater which allows you to play with colours, but this time fading into one another.

You can see the pattern for So Faded on Ravelry HERE and the yarn I made mine in varies but the ECY I used - Pendle 4ply - is HERE.



I’m sure many of you will know of this pattern if not have already knitted it. It takes some doing with all that stocking stitch, but it makes great TV or travel knitting and it’s a brilliant garment to wear! I’ve made one but would like to make a couple more. Again, you could easily put stripes into this.

You can see the pattern for Boxy on Ravelry HERE and the yarn I made this one in, Tempo 4ply, is HERE.


Hut 8:

Still on 4ply garments, this one is a cardigan so you have the option to wear it open, half open (my favourite) or fully closed. Hut 8 was part of our Bletchley Collection, all designed by Joanne Scrace (one of brains behind The Crochet Project), and photographed on location at Bletchley Park with special permission from the Park management. This cardigan is an absolute classic and so many people have made this and told us how much they love it. 

You can see the pattern for Hut 8 HERE, you can buy the full book HERE, and you can see the yarn that I made mine in, Askham 4ply, HERE. It was originally designed and made in Milburn 4ply though, which is HERE.



Moving on to slightly thicker woollies with a few ones made in DK, the first choice here is Turbine. This was part of our Drift Collection released in September 2015, with its simple but flattering body and stunning crossed-cable yoke it is so easy to wear with any outfit or style. The original sample was made in Whitfell DK in Ebony which is HERE, it’s a lovely cosy cardigan which is light to wear and holds its shape well. 

Claire’s Turbine, below, is made in Milburn DK in Estuary which is a great choice - again, it’s light, warm, and comfortable. You can see that yarn HERE.

The pattern is available HERE and the full book or ebook is available HERE.


Ja Ja

Also from Drift, Ja Ja is a beautiful swing jacket with smart double-knitted cuffs and features, and pockets (!!!). This is a heavier garment than the others because of the double layers in places, and a tighter gauge, but with being a jacket it can be worn open or closed. It’s perfect for autumn.

You can see the pattern for Ja Ja on our website HERE. The original yarn, Whitfell DK in Charcoal, is discontinued, however you can see the remaining Whitfell DK HERE and Milburn DK which would be a good substitute (and comes in Charcoal as well as Fern which is similar to the original green) is HERE.



The third one from Drift (the collection as a whole is really good value!) which is a wonderful light but warm layer for autumn is Cloudburst. This is a pretty classic sweater with beautiful details and gentle shaping. It’s easy to wear with just about anything. This was originally made in Whitfell DK in Misty Woods, which is also discontinued, however you can see the rest of the remaining shades using the link above, or you could use any other DK yarn - all of ours are available HERE. The pattern is available HERE or as part of the Drift Collection book as previously mentioned.


Queen Bee:

This is the adult version of the childrens’ garment that was in Drift, it’s made using Bowland DK and the Henley neckline is a bit different yet still classic-looking. 

You can see the pattern on Ravelry HERE and you can see Bowland DK HERE.



A beautifully-textured and open stitch pattern on this sweater makes it light yet warm, and interesting to knit. It goes well with jeans and boots, and is flattering on most shapes. 

The pattern is available HERE and the yarn, Oakworth DK, is available HERE. 


I hope this inspires you to get the needles moving and stitches cast on! 

What are your favourite autumn/spring garments? Have I missed any? I’m sure I must have done - tell me in the comments! 

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  • Wray and Queen Bee in my favourites now. I bought Drift and the yarn to knit Ja Ja months ago….😉

    Elizabeth Davis on

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