Since it's all sunny and lovely outside (no? Come to Yorkshire!) I've found myself looking for lighter knitwear. So here's some inspiration, in the form of one of my absolute favourites

. DSC_0357

It's Tiny Shoots, by Kate Heppell. It's a simple knit, with a lace section at the top, which is both written and charted in the pattern. Kate's original sample (in the Ravelry pics) was done in BFL Sock in Bluebell, but this sample of mine is done in Milburn 4ply. We still have some skeins of Rust for sale with a clearance discount (because although I adore this colour, it seems I'm in the minority, so I can't really justify reproducing it!).


Worked top down, you start by knitting the front and back flat, then join to work in the round. It's a boat neck really, but because I have short round shoulders I can't really do proper boat necks, so my neckline here is smaller than in the pattern. It's very easy to change as well, which is convenient - you can just seam further along the shoulders.


The version that Clare is wearing is knitted in Askham 4ply - she made hers longer, so people often think it's a tunic when they see it on a hanger, but as you can see, it's a great fit on her.


You'd think that between the bounce of Milburn 4ply and the drape of Askham 4ply (which is baby alpaca/silk), there'd be too much difference in drape for this to work, but it's absolutely fine

. _DSC0498

It looks , doesn't it?! 


Given there's warm sun AND a cool wind, something like this is perfect for a lightweight layer at this time of year. I hope you're inspired!


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