One of the original five shades of Milburn 4ply introduced in 2013, Damson has been a firm favourite ever since. That was until the introduction of Black Tulip in the third wave of colours anyway. Unfortunately we think it was actually a bit too close to Damson and it quickly eclipsed it in popularity! It now feels like quite an overlooked colourway and so I wanted to show it some love and remind you all how wonderful it really is! 


Designs using Damson

Back in 2014, The Bletchley Collection was released as a collaboration between Joanne Scrace and Eden Cottage Yarns to showcase Milburn 4ply. Back then with a limited colour palette, this meant that three of the six used Damson. Two of the three, Baudot and Colossus, were single colour pieces.  

Baudot by Joanne Scrace


Colossus by Joanne Scrace



Serriform by David O'Kelly


Lucy Fisher by Tracey Todhunter 



Projects using Damson

Laura's Caldbeck by Tracey Todhunter


Victoria's Dufton by Victoria Magnus


Clare Shaw's Willow by Victoria Magnus



Victoria's Take Heart by Fiona Alice


Colour combinations

The joy of the Milburn palette is that the colours have been selected for the way they work together. 


with Autumn Fields, Rust and Cinder Toffee         with Bramble


with Tea Rose                                                         with Estuary


with Rain                                                                 with Dogwood, Althaea, Black Tulip, Bramble and Tea Rose


with Natural, Bramble, Wicker and Althaea          with Natural, Tea Rose, Wicker and Althaea  


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