This blog post is designed as a useful resource for inspiration for a specific yarn base. There are projects that use it, and patterns that call for it. It's so handy to have all this in one place! 

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. If they're only available on Ravelry we will say that, but not link to it. 

Keld Aran is a beautiful yarn - it is next-to-skin soft as you might imagine from the merino; and the linen content adds a gorgeous visual interest. In darker colourways it is more visible as white-ish fibres which are spun in but also are present on the surface. The linen adds a rustic appearance but can't be felt so it doesn't take anything away from the softness of the wool. As well as being soft and fairly drapey, this yarn is quite sturdy too - knitted or crocheted at a medium to tighter gauge it has good structure. The stitch definition is great, and this yarn is an absolute joy to both work with and wear.

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Keld Aran and the second part shows you our projects using these yarns. Do you have a project in Keld Aran that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!



For most of the designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.


Swainby Hat by Victoria Magnus - colourway: Black Magic Rose 

A single skein hat pattern worked in the round from the brim up to the crown. The pattern is written in two sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. The fabric is very stretchy and so the finished circumferences take this into account. The Small/Medium cirumference is 37cm up to 51cm (14.5 inches up to 20 inches). The Large/Extra Large cirumference is 39cm up to 53cm (15.25 inches up to 53 inches). The finished depth for both sizes is 23cm (9 inches).

An image of Victoria's purple hat. The hat has textured stitches running up the height of the hat and gathering at the crown


Beyond by Hanna Gough - colourway: Steel 

A simple crochet cardigan made in pieces and seamed together at the end. The neckband and button bands are then worked afterwards. The pattern is written for 11 sizes ranging from 32” to 52” bust with 6cm-13cm (2.25-5.25") positive ease. You can either make it as an open front cardigan, or allocate buttons for a more fitted look. All instructions are written only and the pattern only uses two stitches throughout to create different textures. Full yarn requirements per size can be found on the pattern website but they range from 866m to 1557m (943 to 1695yds) which is 5 to 9 skeins.




Swainby Cowl by Victoria Magnus - colourway: Black Magic Rose

A single skein, simple cowl project using a different take on fisherman's rib. The pattern was written for three skeins of fingering weight yarn but alternative yarn weights are discussed in the pattern using the same needles and instructions. 

Victoria wearing an orange jumper and a dark purple cowl. The cowl has white flecks running through it and is being pulled up Victoria's face to show the stitch texture


Louise's Reykjavik Soft by Meiju Knits - colourways: Ash, Echinops and Charcoal

An Icelandic inspired colourwork sweater, worked from top down to give opportunities for length modifications. The pattern is written in English and Finnish with seven sizes from XS to XXXL. It is intended to be worn with approx. 2-4” (5-10cm) of positive ease at the bust. Finished bust measurements range from 36 to 51“ (91 to 131cm), to fit bust sizes: 30 to 48” (75 to 122cm). Yarn requirements for the three colours required are: MC - 577 to 810m (630 to 875yds), CC1 - 290 to 410m (315 to 440yds), CC2 - 97 to 135m (105 to 146yds).

Louise wearing a colourwork jumper in three shades of grey


Victoria's Beyond by Hanna Gough - colourway: Larch 

See above for pattern information.

Victoria stood with her hands on her hips, wearing a long green cardigan


Claire's PHD Candidate by Hannah Mann - colourways: Whispering Grass, Rambling Rose and Charcoal 

A stunning colourwork sweater inspired by the movie, “Don’t Look Up”. The sweater is knit in the round, from the top-down so you can try it on as you go! The sleeves are then picked up and finished last, for a completely seamless project. This pattern is free but Hannah suggests charities to donate to instead on the pattern page. There are five sizes in the pattern from XS-S to 5XL with bust & hip circumference of 35 to 62” (89 to 157.5cm). Yarn requirements for the three colours are as follows: MC - 640 to 974 yds (585 to 890m), CC1 - 82 to 298 yds (75 to 272m), CC2 - 205 to 340 yds (187 to 311m)

Claire made adjustments to the body of the sweater to make it more fitted to suit her body shape.

Claire stood wearing a brown jumper with grey and pink colourwork details around the neck, hem and arms


Victoria's Gatekeeper Cowl by Estelle Hughes - colourway: Waterfall

A single skein cowl which is a lovely quick knit using 2 x 2 rib and a simple lace pattern. I (Victoria) have made at least four of these! 

Victoria looking at the camera wearing a soft turquoise cowl with lace detailing


Claire's Reykjavik Soft by Meiju Knits - colourways: Copper Bucket, Charcoal, Driftwood. 

See Louise's version further up for pattern information.


A colourwork sweater laid flat on a surface. The sweater is orange with grey and beige colourwork around the yoke and hem


Victoria's Blossom by Along avec Anna - colourway: Black Magic Rose

A lace fronted sweater, worked from the bottom up. Knit the bottom of the body in the round, the front and back are knitted back and forth one after the other. The shoulders are joined together and the stitches of the neckline are picked-up for a ribbed finish. The stitches of the sleeves are then picked-up to knit them from the armhole to the wrist. The pattern is written in seven sizes with bust circumference ranging from 88.5 to 145.5 cm to be worn with between 5 & 10 cm of positive ease. You can use aran weight yarn or DK held double with mohair laceweight yarn. If using aran weight you will need between 660 and 1260 meters of yarn.

Victoria stood in a woodland clearing wearing a purple lace patterned sweater


Elizabeth's Tentsmuir Sweater by Little Theorem - colourway: Marsh 

A simple oversized cropped sweater worked from the top down. The back is worked down to the armholes including the lace pattern. The front is then worked shaping the neckline and completing the lace section. The work is then joined to be knit in the round down the body and to the hem. The sleeves are then worked in from the armhole and the neckline ribbing is added last. The pattern is written in six sixes to fit busts ranging from 62.5 to 162.5cm (25 to 65"). The finished bust of the garment ranges from 100 to 200cm (40 to 80") and the design requires 560 to 1170m (610 to 1280 yds) of aran weight yarn.

Elizabeth proudly wearing her light turquoise-green sweater with lace detail across the chest and upper arms.



So, I hope that's been helpful and inspiring! If you have any projects that you'd like to see featured here please send your high-res photos and info to us at the email address at the top. 😍


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